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NEW! HPE OneView for Microsoft Azure Log Analytics 1.0

We are excited to announce that HPE OneView for Microsoft Azure Log Analytics (OV4ALA) 1.0 Preview is now available. 

OV4ALA is a new integration that provides a bridge between Microsoft cloud management services and HPE hardware infrastructure.

OV4ALA is an Azure Resource Manager (ARM) solution that runs in the Azure public cloud that provides on-premises HPE infrastructure information into Azure Log Analytics. It includes a Log Analytics dashboard that shows the underlying HPE infrastructure, including the following:

  • HPE OneView Appliances
  • Server Hardware
  • Server Profiles
  • Logical Interconnects
  • Physical Interconnects
  • Storage Systems
  • Storage Pools
  • Storage Volumes
  • SAS Interconnects
  • Drive Enclosures
  • Alerts

Every item in the dashboard provides a link to the underlying Log Analytics search query, which allows you to create powerful and detailed custom searches for long term event correlation and trend analysis.  Searches can also be combined with data from non-HPE sources, such as OS, VM, and application information. A set of pre-defined saved searches is included to help navigate the HPE log records generated by the solution.

It also includes Azure Automation runbooks that drive the automatic generation of log records from information collected from on-premise instances of HPE OneView and HPE Synergy, leveraging the Azure Hybrid Runbook Worker. 

This solution requires an on-premises component (HPE PowerShell Module for Log Analytics) that must be properly installed and configured where HPE OneView and HPE Synergy are located. This module acts as a proxy between the on-premises instances of HPE OneView and HPE Synergy and Azure Log Analytics running in the Azure public cloud. 

This solution is being released as a Technical Preview, and HPE does not provide any formal customer support for HPE OneView for Microsoft Azure Log Analytics at this time. This preview is provided “as-is” and is excluded from service level agreements and limited warranty. The customer assumes all risks in using this preview version. Features available in the preview are subject to change, including removal, prior to the general availability release. The fully supported generally available version is planned for later this year. 


  • HPE OneView for Microsoft Azure Log Analytics use is covered under the HPE OneView Advanced and HPE Synergy Licenses
    • Basic monitoring and inventory is supported with HPE OneView Standard Licenses; all other functionality requires HPE OneView Advanced Licenses
    • The HPE OneView license provides a right-to-use clause for HPE OneView for Microsoft Azure Log Analytics
  • No fees charged for downloading the HPE solution from the Azure Marketplace
  • Microsoft Azure and Log Analytics licensing and usage fees are the customer’s responsibility and not included with HPE OneView for Microsoft Azure Log Analytics
  • HPE OneView and Microsoft integration license information can be found at


There are two components to this solution:

  • HPE OneView for Microsoft Azure Log Analytics

o   Downloaded and installed directly from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace from within your Azure workspace

  • Type “OneView” in the search bar, and it will show under Marketplace

o   Information is also available at the public web site

o   Contains the solution template, runbooks, and other components that run in Azure Log Analytics

  • HPE PowerShell Module for Log Analytics

o   Downloadable from HPE Software Depot


o   Contains the on-premises components for communication between HPE OneView, HPE Synergy, and Azure Log Analytics 

Other resources

  • HPE OneView for Microsoft Azure Log Analytics web page
  • HPE OneView for Microsoft Azure Log Analytics documentation


  • Technical play-by-play videos on YouTube

o   A full series (16 videos) of informal technical videos walk through each step in configuring and using the solution

o   The videos are coming soon. A link to the videos will be added to the main OV4ALA web page once they become available

  • Training for Kusto Query Language used by Log Analytics (available from Pluralsight)


  • Customer email for providing feedback (not for technical support)


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