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Need help placing your workload in a Hybrid IT environment?

Today, 74% of you are embarking on a Hybrid IT journey.* Make sure you have the tools you need to make the right decisions for your business. 

Hybrid IT_CloudGenera.jpegIT is being stretched in traditional environments to lower operating costs, while at the same time being stretched in new application environments to deliver new products and services faster.

Accelerating time to value pays off

So you might be asking yourself: How quickly can I capitalize on a new idea, seize a new business opportunity or respond to a competitor that threatens my business?

Your Hybrid IT journey encompasses people, process and technology. It spans on-premises and off-premises environments across the data center, private cloud, public cloud and increasingly the edge of the network.

With Hybrid IT comes choice

More quesitons, like: Where will you place your workload in a Hybrid IT environment? Will you select an on-premises private cloud due to specific cost, security or regulatory issues? How do you know when a public cloud is right for a given workload? Is software-as-a-service a consideration? Or, should you simply keep the workload on your existing IT environment and improve what you have?

Ultimately, your decision will be based on your unique requirements and, most likely, will change over time.

Guidance on the best solution to meet your needs

Whether you are looking to introduce new products or services or looking for alternatives to existing operations, test drive this free tool, powered by CloudGenera. Answer a few short multiple choice questions and receive guidance on where to host your application in minutes, not months.

CloudGenera maintains a real-time and historical view of both the quantitative and qualitative capabilities of a plethora of supplier offerings, including data center and public cloud alternatives. This gives you the ability to compare the continuum of IT operating models side by side.

Simply input the characteristics of your application, compliance and service level requirements and the tool will generate a scorecard with your top three options as well as a detailed report that rates and ranks them for you with a thorough cost breakdown.

Krista Sattherthwaite
VP Portfolio Marketing, Hybrid IT
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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451 Research. Voice of the Enterprise Quarterly Advisory Report. 2015 – 2017. 

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Krista Satterthwaite has worked in the server industry for 20 years in product management and marketing roles. She is currently the Vice President of Portfolio Marketing for Hybrid IT.