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Now it’s easier to build out or upgrade your data center infrastructure with HPE DCIA

Discover the ease of building out your data center with the intelligent tools and calculators with HPE DCIA for accurate power consumption, battery backup and power distribution at system, rack and multi-rack levels.

shutterstock_261024689.jpgLet’s face it. IT environments aren’t’t getting any less complex. From power demands to rack server configurations, building out or upgrading your data center or any computing environment to match the speed of digital business involves considering a broad range of factors. Plus, when you add in the complexity of costs and economics of buying and operating IT systems over time, it often feels like that science experiment of the mouse trapped in a maze with nowhere to turn.

Let’s say you were thinking about building or remodeling your home. Chances are you would not sit down at the drawing board to design the house, manage all the electrical needs, figure out how and where the plumbing would run throughout the house and estimate all of the material costs involved as well.

Even the most competent contractor would still want to consult architects, electricians and plumbers to make the home building or renovation process as smooth and cost-effective as possible.

When it comes to building out your IT infrastructure, it should be no different to get accurate power consumption, battery backup and power distribution at system, rack, and even multi-rack level—so you can easily compare today’s and future power consumption for total cost of ownership planning. 

HPE Data Center Infrastructure Advisor: Intelligent tools to help you select, configure and evaluate your data center compute environment

The good news is, there’s an intelligent tool for all things related to data center selection and configuration: HPE Data Center Infrastructure Advisor, or DCIA for short.Racks_DCIA.jpg

HPE DCIA features intelligent, flexible and straightforward tools to help you select, configure, and evaluate your data center or compute environment, whether you’re upgrading an existing IT system or designing a new one from scratch. And as quickly as configurations change or compute environments need to be updated, HPE DCIA tools and calculators provide you the information and recommendations you need easily and seamlessly at your fingertips. Whether it’s new construction or a renovation of your IT infrastructure, HPE DCIA is a reliable resource to drive proactive IT operations and accelerate data center optimization. The best way to learn more about HPE DCIA is to try it yourself.

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