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Now you can grow your HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack deployments!


Michelle Hannula.pngBy guest blogger Michelle Hannula

HPE is excited to announce that customers can now add additional scale unit nodes to their HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack systems -- a capability that enables Azure Stack users to expand capacity of their current systems to meet their growth demands.  This support was released by Microsoft in their 1807 update in early August, and now hardware support from the HPE side is also available.

Capacity on demand

With the initial release of Microsoft Azure Stack, customers were required to forecast their capacity needs for the foreseeable future.  With the introduction of expansion node support, customers can purchase a system that is rightsized for their needs now, and as that capacity requirement increases, they can add additional nodes.  This creates an even more customizable solution for IT.

Meeting key use cases

Since HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack began shipping last fall, HPE is seeing a significant amount of traction from customers around the globe.  The key use cases that resonate include the following:bigstock-cloud-computing-28578041.jpg

  • Meeting data sovereignty, security and compliance requirements
  • Supporting edge and disconnected applications
  • Providing a simplified developer experience
  • Supporting applications that require high performance (eg., data analytics) in an on-premises environment

The HPE difference

HPE provides the most configurable and secure Azure Stack solution available on the market today.  Five main areas set the solution apart:

  1. Superior flexibility – only HPE enables customers to configure a solution that best fits their specific needs. No t-shirt sizes with HPE; pick the exact number of nodes, types of processors, and memory options that you require to avoid over-provisioning.
  2. Industry leading security – only the HPE ProLiant for Microsoft for Azure Stack solution is built on HPE Silicon Root of Trust that monitors the integrity of the system from the day it’s manufactured until it reaches end of life.
  3. Cloud pricing model – take advantage of HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity for a pay-as-you-consume payment option, inclusive of hardware!
  4. High availability – HPE OneView Remote Support can detect problems before they occur, increasing your system availability.
  5. Joint HPE-Microsoft Innovation Centers – unique to HPE, the Innovation Centers provide customers with the ability to plan, build, and test their Azure Stack solutions with HPE and Microsoft experts.

Grow your solution today!

To learn more about expanding your current HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack solution, please visit the HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack (Gen9) and HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack (Gen10) QuickSpecs documents.  You can also learn about the latest customer success and updates at

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