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One-stop storage shopping for your backup eggs

HPE_0193_SIMPLE_BAN_400x627_040518.gifThe past few weeks we’ve been talking about centralized backup storage with blogs talking about when to put all your backup eggs in one basket and how to protect that basket. But what if using a basket for your eggs just seems too difficult? This week we’re going to talk about how securing your eggs can be a piece of. . . cake.

Where do you keep your data and files?

Or, maybe I should put it differently. Do you know where your employees keep your data and files? Are you sure? With limited resources to devote to IT, many small businesses find it challenging to provide a secure, controlled means of storing and backing up application data and files so that employees can easily access and share them. Often, employees take matters into their own hands with “shadow IT” or “rogue” cloud file shares. While that may be convenient for employees, it may also leave data open to loss or attack.

Adopting a server with automated storage and backup provides you with a secure, central repository for data and files that protects you from downtime and data loss. Still, many small businesses delay getting a server for the exact reasons listed above—lack of IT expertise and resources leaves them wondering if they have what it takes to adopt server-based computing.

HPE understands Small Business challenges. That’s why we’re offering HPE Small Business Solutions for Storage and Backup as a one-stop shop that includes hardware and software,[1] and a choice of either the ClearOS™ or Microsoft® Windows Server® 2016 operating system, making it easy to deploy. HPE Small Business Solutions for Storage and Backup are just for small businesses, remote and branch offices, and small and home offices.

Our solutions are based on HPE ProLiant servers, like the HPE MicroServer Gen10, powered by AMD® processors, providing automated intelligence that reduces the time and skills required for deployment and management. They further help you protect your data—and your business—with features such as centralized storage, data protection, 24/7 availability, and optional HPE Secure Encryption.[2]

 With HPE you get an easy-to-deploy, easy-to-manage, easy-to-protect, and affordable solution that simplifies and secures collaboration and gives you more time to spend on your business.

If you’d like to know more, check out Share Files from Your Own Private Cloud as an NAS on MicroServer Gen10

  • Depending on the model.
  • HPE Secure Encryption is an optional service that requires one license per server. HPE Secure Encryption is not supported on HPE MicroServer Gen10.
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