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Project Aurora addresses complex security challenges from edge to cloud

Take a look at HPE Discover 2021 through a security lens. Global Security Marketing Lead Carolyn Drury recaps everything from Project Aurora to the latest research.

Project-Aurora.pngHPE Discover 2021 certainly didn’t disappoint. We announced some truly breakthrough HPE GreenLake cloud platform innovations spanning silicon, software, and security to power the edge-to-cloud era.

Let’s start with the announcement of Project Aurora—the foundation or HPE GreenLake’s zero-trust architecture. For enterprises struggling to secure their IT operations, Project Aurora cannot come soon enough!

As many organizations rapidly evolve their architectures to run dynamically scaled applications across data centers, clouds, and edge locations, they’re facing new and complex security challenges on an overwhelming scale.

Project Aurora is the culmination of many years of R&D by Hewlett Packard Labs, countless engineering hours, and some truly significant innovation from HPE. It was a huge highlight to see Project Aurora coming to life during HPE CEO Antonio Neri’s keynote presentation. With it, security will transform from an innovation barrier to an innovation accelerator for a future where secure data access delivers greater insights and faster time to market.

HPE Security CTO Gary Campbell shared a great overview of the Project Aurora strategy and the HPE vision for security in his executive blog post. But you really won’t want to miss the security sessions featured this year at HPE Discover.

Here’s a quick recap to get you started:

It’s time to stop playing whack-a-mole with security!
In the Project Aurora Spotlight Session, Senior Director of HPE Security Engineering Sunil James and Program Manager Adriane Cardozo showcased the Project Aurora security platform and the layers of zero-trust building blocks—silicon to cloud—that we will embed into all HPE products. During the session the also looked at how Project Aurora helps identify and prevent sophisticated cyber threats from compromising HPE platforms via its immutable trust chain backed by our iLO 5 security chip—in only a matter of seconds! Chris Eidler, HPE VP and General Manager of the HPE GreenLake Lighthouse shared how the new HPE GreenLake Lighthouse embedded with Project Aurora is a secure, cloud-native infrastructure that allows customers to add new cloud services in just a few clicks and run them simultaneously in just minutes. Watch the session—or experience it again—on demand to learn about Project Aurora and HPE’s latest security advancements. Access the session here: SL4467

Project Aurora: Embedding zero-trust building blocks from silicon-to-cloud
The breakout session on embedding zero-trust building blocks from silicon-to-cloud dove into Project Aurora’s zero-trust security architecture. PHPE Fellow Nigel Edwards and WW Product Manager Bob Perugini explored how Project Aurora continuously protects HPE products with an immutable chain of trust to automatically detect and thwart bleeding-edge cyberattacks. With today’s constant, complex, and widespread threats, those breakthrough capabilities will be welcome news—especially if you want to scalably monitor everything from the silicon up to and including your application workloads—without requiring security signatures.  Access the session here: B4387

Is zero trust actually within reach?
Well, we think so! Want to see for yourself? Check out the demo session Project Aurora: Continuous Security to Verify, Detect, and Prevent Attacks from Silicon to Cloud. Engineering Architecture Lead for Project Aurora Guilherme Magalhaes and Senior Product Manager Praneetha Manthravadi demo how Project Aurora protects the HPE GreenLake Cloud Services and how it thwarts some of today’s most dynamic and persistent cyber threats. With Project Aurora security it takes only seconds to identify malicious code in the OS, platform software, and workload layers. The demo takes a look at the chain of trust that will protect your data value through attestation and verification processes that continuously, and automatically, identify zero-day attacks and advanced persistent threats.  Access the demo here: DEMO4388 

To learn more about what security means at HPE, check out these HPE Discover sessions:

Innovate Faster with the Cloud-native Platform for HPE GreenLake, the Cloud that Comes to You
The scalability, reliability, and agility of public cloud is due in part to its cloud-native infrastructure. Now, HPE GreenLake will embrace the same type of modular, automated, and secure platform for your cloud services at the edge, in your colocation, or your data center. Join us to learn about this new foundation for HPE GreenLake cloud services. Access the session here: B4511

Inside the Garage: Explore the HPE Innovation Strategy for an Edge-to-Cloud World
In the Age of Insight, data is the new currency and time is the most precious commodity. Join Kumar Sreekanti to learn how the latest innovations across HPE combine to create edge-to-cloud platforms that can help your organization utilize the full potential of its data with speed and agility. Access the session here: Session ID:  SL4523

Don’t Be Another Victim: Stop Cybercriminals with Zero-Trust Security in a Zero-Trust World
Cybercrime is one of the world’s costliest issues, and most companies expect that one of their greatest IT spending categories will be on cyber-defense. Come see how HPE’s Gen10 Plus, with a 360-degree view of security, is expanding beyond the core of a server, taking a “zero-trust” approach across the entire lifespan of a customer’s server.  Attend this session here:  B4474

Dave Vallente host of theCUBE, SiliconANGLE Media’s livestreaming studio, sat down with Sunil James for a great discussion on Project Aurora and the importance of zero trust. Sunil did an excellent job of explaining why it was designed for both for HPE and our customers, plus how it provides a way to effectively measure, test, and verify every piece of technology, whether it’s a server or anything else.  While we’ve got a long way to go before we’re able to cover everything that HPE sells, Sunil shared why you need to be able to, at any given moment—notice, verify, measure, and attest! You can check out the interview here at: theCube

Why Project Aurora is a big deal for security
We recently invited Matt Kimball, senior analyst from independent analyst firm Moor Insights and Strategy (MI&S) to have an all access pass to Project Aurora. MI&S has completed their review and you can read Matt’s blog post, “HPE’s Project Aurora Is A Big Deal – Here Is What You Need To Know” on Forbes. You can also dive deeper into the MI&S research paper “HPE Enables Zero Trust Security Architecture”, on Project Aurora to gain deeper insights on how Project Aurora is enabling zero-trust architectures from edge-to cloud.

HPE Discover available on demand!

In case you weren’t able to attend the HPE Discover 2021 live sessions, fear not! You can experience the sessions again, share them with colleagues, or attend new sessions on demand by adding sessions to your playlist. Simply visit to dive in. To find sessions on security, simply search on “Security” as an interest area when viewing the agenda.

Thanks to all of our customers and partners for making HPE Discover an exciting, memorable and compelling event.  We hope you enjoy the sessions.

Meet Server Experts blogger Carolyn Drury, HPE Global Security Marketing Lead

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Carolyn Drury is the global lead for security marketing at HPE. She’s a strategic thinker and is frequently a catalyst for positive change when working with business teams and partners to develop strategic messaging and content, to kickstart business improvements, and when driving new technologies and solutions to market. Passionate about cybersecurity and all things digital, Carolyn’s diverse career at HPE spans over 22 years where she has also held marketing, market development, product management, and sales roles in the Asia Pacific and South Pacific regions.

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