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Protect your small business data like it was your personal nest egg

HPE_0193_AFFORDABLE_BAN_400x627_040518.gifWhen you’re running a small to midsize business, budgets tend to be small to midsized as well. You’ve got to watch the budget closely, because every penny you save can be reinvested in growing the business and becoming more competitive. Putting all your “eggs” (customer and employee files, A/R, sales presentations, contracts, emails, etc.) in “one basket” by adopting server computing with automated backup and storage to protect that basket is a smart business move that sets you up for future success.

Unfortunately, resource constraints often lead small businesses to delay purchasing or upgrading the IT that can help them get ahead, which limits competitiveness. That’s why HPE is introducing our line of low-cost HPE Small Business Solutions.

HPE Small Business Solutions for Storage and Backup are just for small businesses, remote and branch offices, and small and home offices. They are affordable, pre-configured solutions that include an HPE ProLiant server—like the HPE MicroServer Gen10, powered by AMD® processors—software, services, and a choice of preloaded operating system. You can opt for either Microsoft® Windows Server® 2016 or cost-effective ClearOS™ with no upfront costs—you pay just for the apps and ClearOS subscription services you need. And HPE Small Business Solutions come in a wide variety of configuration sizes and offer multiple options so you can craft a solution that’s just right for your budget.

HPE also offers financial tools that enable you to enjoy the benefits of modern IT and become more competitive. For example, HPE Subscription offers a worry-free, flexible option that packages best-in-class hardware, software, accessories, and services into a predictable monthly payment. You could also opt to pay-per-use for IT and scale on demand more economically with HPE Flexible Capacity (subject to minimum commitment).

With HPE Solutions for Storage and Backup, you can afford a solution that’s easy to deploy, easy to manage, and protects your valuable business data from accidents and disasters.

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