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Rebecca’s Story: How HPE Entry-Level storage can help your SMB

As your business grows, your storage and data protection needs will evolve with it. Learn how the HPE Entry-Level storage portfolio can help you at each step of the journey.


Everyone likes a good story and here at HPE, we’re no different.

So today, we’d like to share Rebecca’s Story with you. Rebecca is a character we’ve created to illustrate how HPE Entry-Level storage with HPE ProLiant servers can support the journey of a typical small business as its data protection requirements evolve.

From humble home office origins—a laptop, a phone, an Internet connection and a really good idea—to a flourishing organization with its own headquarters and beginning to branch out into overseas markets: there’s a HPE Entry-Level storage and ProLiant server combination that’s right for you.

What all businesses need 

One thing all businesses, of any size, have in common is the need for effective storage and robust data protection. Whether your IT infrastructure consists of a single laptop on the kitchen table, or extends to a dedicated server room with shared storage for dozens of users, HPE’s Entry-Level storage solutions can help you with essential tasks like:

  • Backing up your data so you always have a safe copy to guard against unforeseen events like hardware failure or ransomware with HPE RDX and HPE StoreEver tape
  • Helping you manage files and user accounts more efficiently with HPE StoreEasy NAS
  • Providing shared storage and accelerated performance to power applications for different workgroups and teams with HPE MSA Gen6 hybrid storage arrays

The first installment of Rebecca’s Story gives you a concise and focused overview of the different elements in the HPE Entry-Level storage portfolio and where they might fit, depending on the size and scope of your business. 

The second part of the story jumps us forward in time. Rebecca’s company is now thriving, but success brings a different set of storage challenges. How can she share storage resources amongst her different teams? How can she deploy and manage more sophisticated applications, like business intelligence, CRM or ERP, while still ensuring that her employees have the right amount of performance when they need it? And how can she address all these questions with a solution that is cost effective and still simple enough for one person to manage?

We won’t spoil the ending, but Rebecca’s Story—HPE MSA Gen6 will give you some insight into the answers! View the trailer or the full three-minute version

View both installments: HPE Entry-Level Storage: Rebecca’s Story and Rebecca’s Story—HPE MSA Gen6.

Discover more about the full line up of HPE Entry-Level storage solutions—simple, affordable solutions for small businesses that need to compete big. 

And keep an eye out for “Rebecca’s Story: HPE StoreEasy” coming soon!

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