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Setting up a virtual office for your small and midsized business is easier than you think

Here’s how small and midsized businesses looking to set up or refresh a small remote or branch office can save valuable time: Built on the core features of secure HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers, HPE storage, and Aruba Instant On wireless networking, HPE’s simplified, validated compute and networking solution increases efficiency, minimizes risk, and lowers costs.

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Today's new office is distributed, remote, and mobile—just like your workforce

We were already headed toward more businesses accommodating working from home and remote locations. With wireless connectivity all over the place and more mobile devices than ever, the landscape was clearly shaping up that way. Now we’ve seen that eventual tipping point accelerated by necessity, bringing with it a new challenge to reinvent the future of work for small and midsized businesses.

If you need to set up or refresh a small, remote, or branch office, you likely don’t have the time and people to cobble together all the IT basics you will need. This includes technology such as a secure server, business-class networking (which now must include a robust and secure Wi-Fi component), storage options, and services. Besides, “cobbling together” these parts is not good enough. You want a true SMB IT solution where everything works together for your new virtual workflows, workspaces, and distributed workforce. You would really love to only have one number to call for support. What a time saver that would be if you didn’t have to bounce back and forth from the server vendor to the networking vendor trying to solve a problem, with you as the person in the middle. Trouble with the server? One number. Networking issues? Same number.

It’s like an office-in-a-box

Small business IT solutions are a snap with HPE. Our Small Business Solutions for Small Office Deployment are complete, validated solutions that include compute, storage, Wi-Fi access points (WAPs), networking, and services—eliminating the need to select, validate, configure, and size IT from scratch. Not to mention making it easy to set up and manage. You can easily add storage with optional HPE StoreEasy network attached storage, or HPE RDX Removable Disk Backup System. Increase your efficiency and converge multiple functions—such as virtualization, storage, and backup—onto a single server, for a simple, secure, and affordable office-in-a-box IT solution.

Providing more of what your customers—and your workers—need

Do more to connect with your customers so they keep coming back. Start with offering fast Wi-Fi so customers can use their devices to stay connected while waiting or shopping. You may also want to provide app-enabled on-site services, and connect associates or providers with instant, secure access to data and files from mobile devices.

Get your focus back on opening your new office on schedule and on budget with a complete solution bundle bringing together the performance, management, reliability, and security features of

That’s as easy as it gets with HPE SMB solutions.

More good news for SMBs: Get it all with HPE Subscription monthly payments

Virtually all businesses today are looking for a simpler, more efficient way to acquire and consume their IT infrastructure. With HPE Subscription, you subscribe to a complete IT solution—including services—that is paid in predictable monthly payments.

And, at the end of your chosen term, there’s no hassle of ownership. You simply return your equipment and subscribe to a new IT solution that meets the current needs of your evolving business. At the end of consumption cycle, we help retire your old IT equipment securely, giving you the peace of mind of knowing that sensitive information stored on your devices is not at risk. This in turn allows you to focus more on managing and growing your business.

HPE Pointnext Services: Choose the level of support that meets your IT and business needs

Running a business is hard work. Let HPE Pointnext Services maintain the health of your server and give you peace of mind to focus on your business. With services to install, support, and educate you on your server and a broad spectrum of IT solutions, HPE Pointnext Services has your back by providing the best support experience you need. Choose the level of support that meets your IT and business needs at low budget.

With HPE, small and midsized businesses can easily deploy a small, remote or branch office with a single simple, secure and affordable solution.

To learn more about how these solutions can help you simplify your IT environment, talk with your IT reseller. Don’t have one? Find an IT reseller close to you.

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