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Speed SAP HANA security compliance with HPE Workload Aware Security for Linux (WASL)

Security compliance on SAP HANA can be challenging. Now you can speed and automate HPE mission critical solutons-LINUX WASL-blog.jpgcompliance with HPE Workload Aware Security for Linux. Try the HPE WASL 30-day trial.

It's hardly a secret that data breaches are on the rise—with a staggering nearly 6 million data records breached every day[1]. In 2017, cyberattacks cost businesses worldwide $600 billion in losses[2]. Global cybercrime damages are predicted to reach $6 trillion annually by 2021[3].

Security attacks and the rapid growth in the era of digital transformation are motivating enterprises to rethink security effectiveness not only to curb financial losses but also to win customer trust.

Even though security and compliance are among top priorities, many organizations are finding it difficult to achieve and to stay in compliance with the latest security and regulatory requirements. Ever-changing industry rules and regulations put additional stress on security professionals to maintain system security policies.

Security compliance is not without its challenges

When deploying an HPE server platform for SAP HANA, you need to adhere to the SAP HANA security guidelines. And as Linux-based application, adherence goes hand-in-hand with meeting Center of Internet Security (CIS) compliance for Linux. HPE tests have found that out-of-box Linux distributions are only about 50% compliant to industry standards. To achieve full compliance, organizations manually harden systems with the help of guidelines and scripts. CIS publishes best practices and some scripts for Linux security.  For securing SAP HANA specifically, SAP provides a guide that now exceeds over 400 pages.  Performing such processes manually across multiple systems in multiple locations can be quite burdensome to IT teams as  they are cumbersome, prone to human error, and can consume weeks of staff time to evaluate, remediate, deploy, and maintain security compliance.

Solution: Automate compliance with HPE WASL

To directly address these challenges, HPE Workload Aware Security for Linux (WASL) can help enterprise IT teams cut the time to security compliance across your SAP HANA systems to a matter of minutes. With a single mouse click, you can harden both the Linux operating system and the SAP HANA application and achieve approximately 90% security compliance. The remaining 10% requires only a small amount of admin input, like a password or a file location for logs.

HPE WASL offers a wealth of capabilities to unburden IT, help fortify the business, and lower costs. Through a single pane-of-glass you can quickly assess the security posture of your SAP HANA environment and exposure to threats.


From its intuitive consolidated dashboard, you can continue to check compliance, such as after an O/S update across all systems, remediate non-compliance issues and if needed, roll back to a previous version of security compliance. WASL is also customizable, allowing you to modify and add rules in accordance with security policies specific to your country/location/industry. HPE understands the need for strict, role-based security responsibilities, for which WASL enables you to define roles such as user administrator, policy officer, security operator, security administrator, security auditor, and administrator. And WASL will generate audit reports. With such powerful security capabilities at your fingertips, costly third-party security services can be avoided, and the risk of fines and legal costs for non-compliance be lowered.

Ready to learn more? Check out the trial software.

If you are looking to simplify and accelerate security compliance of SAP HANA on Linux (RHEL & SUSE SLES) across your HPE server environment, HPE WASL is the answer.

Download 30-day WASL trial software today. For more details visit: HPE Workload Aware Security for Linux


[2] Cybercrime 'pandemic' may have cost the world $600 billion last year

[3] Report: Cyber Security Ventures

Nithin Purushothaman HPE.jpgMeet Server Experts blogger Nithin Purushothaman, Product Manager, Mission Critical Solutions, HPE. Nithin is focused on building a product that makes security professionals smile, and organizations save millions. He is the Product Manager for the security compliance software, Workload Aware Security for Linux (WASL), and Technology Partner lead for HPE Mission Critical Servers. He has 10+ years’ experience in the field of virtualization, telco network engineering, customer support, product, and partner management. Nithin earned an Electronics and Telecommunication engineering degree and he holds an MBA from the University of Leeds.

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