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The accelerating world of digital transformation and what it means for business

Learn why the pace of digital transformation is challenging businesses to modernize faster than ever and why the right compute is essential to success.


We are in the midst of the next wave of digital transformation. In 2020, the economic value of digital transformation represented almost $19 trillion—an amount equivalent to 20% of the global GDP.1 The swelling flow of data in an increasingly distributed world is creating new requirements. These requirements produce new kinds of demands on compute solutions that are workload-optimized. The Age of Insight is upon us—organizations are obliged to be on a path to evolve their edge-to-cloud estate in support of new business models—unlocking agility, operational efficiency, and innovation potential presented by digital transformation. This major shift is making infrastructure more important than ever.            

Defining digital transformation

Before diving in further—let’s take a step back and discuss what exactly digital transformation is. While "digital transformation"has been a popular phrase in tech recently, the term itself has been around for much longer. In the past, it was meant to describe the converting of traditional forms of data into digital forms for storage. This caused businesses to rapidly create procedures that would digitize their data—giving those that adapted this practice a competitive edge. Since then, the rate at which technology evolves has accelerated exponentially.

Uncovering new potential

Businesses have been rapidly replacing their traditional interactions with digital experiences powered by advances in technology. This normally occurs because businesses understand they must transform to survive. The market has come to expect efficient digital experiences from its businesses, and a business that does not adapt to this new digital customer model will be left behind. On the other hand, a business that embraces change and adapts to a more agile model has the potential to be more successful than ever. This is because digital transformation essentially means looking at all aspects of a business and figuring out how to modernize them so that they can continue to evolve as technology does.

The advent of a global pandemic has accelerated this new era of digital transformation. Organizations that had transformation plans in place are having to transform faster, and organizations that were not on that journey are having to rapidly develop and execute a plan to adapt to our new reality. This new reality is challenging businesses to modernize while facing financial pressures and access to the resources and expertise needed to transform.

These major shifts have led to an enhanced focus on compute. Not only on how infrastructure can handle the growing amount of ones and zeros, but also how to address distributed data sources – pushing insights to where the data lives, as well as ensuring that infrastructure is secure and available with modern consumption models.

To realize this new shift of transformation for your business, you need solutions that are optimized for the most critical workloads. Workloads that are key to enabling businesses to support virtualized or remote work, data management, artificial intelligence, and hybrid cloud use cases. Infrastructure designed and delivered securely. Software-defined and simplified through automation. You also need flexible consumption and usage models; delivered with as-a-service economics and user experience.  

Powering the next wave of digital transformation

HPE’s portfolio of compute infrastructure is built on decades of expertise and optimizes innovation around security, workload performance, and automated intelligence—from edge to exascale. All while providing choice for our customers; choice in how they consume these solutions, choice in how they finance these solutions, and choice in how they support and maintain these services. All of this comes together to enable you to modernize your infrastructure quicker and easier—getting you to outcomes and insights faster. HPE is ready to partner with you so that you can support new experiences, uncover new business models, and income streams. HPE is here for our customers as we navigate the Age of Insight.

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Brandon Draeger
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

[1] IDC – Worldwide Digital Transformation Strategies – IDC Special Intelligence Service, Aug 2019

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Brandon leads the Compute Product Marketing teams for HPE and joined the company in January 2020 as part of the Cray acquisition. Prior to Cray, Brandon held leadership roles in engineering, product management, marketing, and strategy at Intel, Dell, and Symantec.