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The digital advantage for regional banks and insurers

When you think about the application of technology in the financial services industry, it’s perhaps natural to assume that the big players hold all the advantages. But that’s not at all the case. Smaller banks and insurers may lack the deep resources of the market leaders, but when it comes to ability to execute, they often display an agility that larger organizations find hard to match.

Pivoting to the right technology can reinforce that advantage. Regional banks and credit unions in the US, for example, and building societies in the UK, typically serve a highly loyal customer base – people who like to do business with them because they're local. They can emphasize that community aspect and build on it by leveraging technology to become the truly digital local provider.

No matter how small (or large, for that matter!) your organization is, chances are you’re sitting on huge amounts of data that could be absolutely invaluable for improving and differentiating customer services. And, in all likelihood, you’re leveraging only a small slice of it. If you can just move the dial on that a couple of percent, you can drive fresh insights that enable you to increase personalization and help your customers generate more value from their financial assets.

My colleague Mark Simpkins and I talk about ways to do that in a Business Talk session, now available on-demand: How the Digital Revolution Can Help Regional Banks and Insurers Keep Pace.  We talk about the challenges – for example, from cloud-native start-ups – as well as the opportunities for mid-market regional banks and insurance companies. We cover customer case studies and a range of key topics, including how to leverage on-premises infrastructure and hybrid cloud to enhance security, and how data and AI can help you become a truly digital business.

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At around 15 minutes, the session is short and sweet, but we pack in a lot of information; I think you’ll find it well worth your time. 

Here’s a great example of HPE’s work with local financial firms: Read how HPE helped The Main Street Group serve clients more efficiently and effectively with secure, reliable access to user accounts and back office systems.

Also, check out our new ebook: Financial Services Industry Solutions for Small and Midsized Businesses. We cover the digital transformation challenges, the benefits of a hybrid approach, and how to decide where to place your apps and data.

You can find more info about all of our SMB solutions for specific verticals, including financial services, here: HPE Industry Solutions for Small and Midsized Businesses.

Learn more about HPE small business IT solutions and how HPE Financial Services can help with programs designed to help your organization reduce cash outlays, generate cash from assets, and align payments to deployment schedules.

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