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Thrive in the data-centric era: how HPE and Intel deliver the foundation for innovation


Intel is excited to participate once again in HPE Discover 2019 Las Vegas , and build upon the momentum of Intel’s April 2nd Data-centric launch , that included 2nd Gen Intel® Xeon® scalable processors, breakthrough Intel® Optane™ DC persistent memory, and much more. HPE was a key participant in our launch where we delivered a depth and breadth message to support the best approach to growing multi-cloud strategies.

Intel and HPE have a long history of collaborative development built on anticipating the needs of business and IT decision makers. When you visit the Intel booth and attend featured sessions you will experience first-hand our combined focus on security, multi-cloud, and AI and Edge computing.

Our April 2nd data-centric announcements highlighted Intel’s leadership products as the foundation to move, store and process your data more effectively than ever before. This portfolio, combined with our unmatched global ecosystem, delivers software optimizations across the solution stack for customers’ most demanding workloads, from multiple cloud-scale environments to the intelligent Edge and back.

We invite all attendees to learn more about the unprecedented opportunities that you now have to unleash the powerful impact of your data.

Mega-Trends: AI, Cloudification, intelligent Edge, and emerging 5G networks

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Several trends are generating an exponential growth of data generation, consumption, and analytics to extract greater value from that data. These trends are all driving greater urgency for infrastructure readiness. So, with an estimated 9 million servers approaching a five year lifespan, IT organizations face an incredible opportunity to deliver compelling digital services with enhanced security and increased agility and efficiency, to build on enterprise productivity. 

Solutions fueled by 2nd Gen Intel® Xeon Scalable processors are designed for customers to accelerate their time to value for today’s needs and tomorrow’s evolving demands. As the promise of Artificial Intelligence is being realized across a breadth of workloads, these new CPUs are the first to include built-in AI acceleration for deep learning inferencing via Intel® DL Boost technology.

The “Cloud-scale” infrastructures are enabled by Intel’s hardware-enhanced virtualization, security, and resource orchestration foundation, for the world’s on-premises, public, hybrid Cloud, and hyper-converged infrastructure deployments, and are now advancing the Intelligent Edge.  Network transformation and optimizations like network function virtualization (NFV) is laying the groundwork for 5G, while countless Edge devices are getting smart and connected via the Intel® Xeon platform.  By adopting this scalable hardened foundation, entire industries across healthcare, finance, retail, and public sector can consistently deliver amazing business and consumer experiences in ways never before possible.   

I’ve only been able to scratch the surface here. You’ll really want to know more about our innovations and select solutions for offerings like Hardened Security. Now is a fantastic time for you to thrive in the Data-centric Era. There will be many opportunities to engage and win.

Please join us in Las Vegas and don’t forget to check out the Intel Booth and Sessions.


Meet Intel blogger Jason Kennedy. He is the Senior Director of Data-centric Portfolio Marketing and Product Management at Intel. He shares Intel’s “Customer Obsession” for solving the world’s most challenging problems. Follow Jason on Twitter @jrkenne1 and





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