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Unleash breakthrough speeds with NVMe SSDs & new HPE ProLiant and Apollo vSAN Ready Node solutions


IT professionals: Take your future transformation to the next level with VMWare vSAN Ready Node solutions.

NVMe vSAN_blog_shutterstock_718432942.jpgThe digital landscape has changed, and storage architecture has changed along with it. With the surge of data, and advancements in technology seemingly changing each day, making the right decisions about your company’s future transformation is the key to making or breaking your modern day organization. And while ensuring you make the right decision is vital, making the wrong decision is a surefire way to get left behind in the dust of your competitors.

In this modern age, many organizations are discovering that their legacy storage architecture lacks the ability to scale with the surge in data that their business is now generating. In response, more and more organizations are turning to a hybrid or private cloud infrastructure, because they need solutions that will keep pace with exponential data growth.

HPE and VMware: Poised to enable IT transformation

To help customers like you address the challenge of data growth, HPE is excited to announce new VMware vSAN Ready Node solutions, designed to help IT professionals take their future transformation to the next level. Now available on the industry’s most trusted compute platform, the HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen 10, HPE has certified new, all-NVME SSD-based VMware vSAN Ready Nodes, bringing a unique, performance balanced platform for the most critical IT workloads. HPE has also added highly scalable, density-optimized, all SSD-based VMware vSAN Ready Node solutions with the HPE Apollo 2000 System

VM compatibility guides can be found here:

These new, blazingly fast solutions are able to handle mission critical and database workloads with ease, balancing the combination of computing power using the Intel® Xeon Scalable Family of processors, and storage performance, featuring all NVMe SSD storage with one of the fastest SSDs in the HPE portfolio (HPE 375GB Intel Inside_jpg.pngNVMe x4 SSD 878014-B21) for caching.

When it comes to the need for speed, HPE’s high-performance, low-latency SSDs can deliver up to 8x faster performance at low queue depth workloads¹, exhibiting extremely high throughput for single accesses and super low latency. What that means for you and your business is the ability to do more with less, such as processing significantly more orders or transactions in a smaller amount of time, exponentially scaling your output and minimizing your costs across the board.

In addition, due to the extremely high endurance of these drives, overall capacity requirements tend to be much lower, allowing you to save on total cost of ownership.The platform provides new levels of VM Density Scalability by balancing compute and storage performance with the toughest mission-critical database workloads in mind.

By adding these new solutions to our offering, we’re giving you a sweet new ride which can blow past the finish line, even when paired up against the most demanding workloads. 

Here's the complete list of VMware-certified solutions, including a broad offering of HPE products. 

Come visit us in the HPE Booth, #D301, at VMworld Barcelona, November 5th-8th, or contact your HPE business representative to learn more about how HPE can help you transform your business with these new VSAN Ready Nodes.

¹ Vendor Testing 2017. Performance measured under 4K 70-30 workload at QD1-16 using FIO 2.15.

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