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Re: What’s New with HPE OneView? Bring more composability to your data center.


bigstock--149567609.jpgAs customers transform their hybrid IT compute, storage, and networking environments into a software-defined infrastructure, they need to drive a higher degree of automation to accelerate their business. The infrastructure management platform is a key foundational element for a software-defined data center -- increasing the speed of IT delivery for new applications and services, while still efficiently managing traditional IT. 

HPE OneView is the infrastructure management platform that transforms servers, storage, and networking into software-defined infrastructure. It eliminates complex manual processes, spurs IT collaboration, and increases the speed and flexibility of IT service delivery. HPE OneView takes a software-defined, programmatic approach to managing infrastructure with efficient workflow automation, a modern dashboard, and a comprehensive partner ecosystem.

What customers are saying about HPE OneView

Customers using HPE OneView have seen tremendous value over the last few years.  One such HPE OneView customer, Porsche Informatik, is one of Europe’s largest developers of custom software solutions for the automobile trade. The company needed to streamline the management of over 1,600 virtual servers and 133 blade servers – and they chose HPE OneView to help them do it.

“HPE OneView gives us a much better and more intuitive view of our HPE server infrastructure. This dramatically speeds up many system management tasks, including the deployment of new ESXi servers and VLAN configurations which are 90% faster,” explains Gerald Nezerka, Windows Services team manager for Infrastructure & Common Platforms, Porsche Informatik.

What’s new with HPE OneView 4.2

With the release of HPE OneView 4.2, customers will have the ability to manage more software-defined features within a single management interface. For example, HPE OneView 4.2 provides support for Nimble storage on iSCSi, 32Gb Flex Fabric for HPE Synergy. HPE OneView 4.2 will also bring highly requested pure IPv6 for HPE ProLiant servers, alerts suppression, repository enhancements for custom SPPs and more.

Enhanced Inventory

  • New detailed infrastructure inventory for HPE ProLiant Gen 10 servers is now available, including granular information on memory, NIC, HBA and Smart Array storage components. This feature allows customers to manage the most secure servers in the industry in a more detailed process.

iLO configuration from server profile

  • iLO configuration from server profile will enable configuration of iLO settings is now included as part of the Server Profile and the Server Profile template. Users can save time by avoiding working directly on individual iLOs by being able to configure the iLO directly from HPE OneView.

Provisioning HPE Nimble storage systems

  • This feature enables admins to provision HPE Nimble storage volumes via HPE OneView server profiles, server profile templates, volume templates and standalone volumes. This flexibility gives customers the ability to manage their existing HPE storage environments and add Nimble to allow a more complete view of their storage environment.

IPv6 support

  • Starting with version 4.2, HPE OneView can support strict IPv6 static mode for HPE ProLiant DL servers. This new feature gives users that have upgraded to IPv6 the capability and flexibility to use all of HPE OneView’s features and benefits.

HPE OneView’s Global Dashboard offers a single-view and unified management with enhanced enterprise scalability, allows customers to simultaneously manage all their HPE infrastructure with 360-degree visibility.

What’s new with HPE OneView Global Dashboard 1.7

  • Users can now view up to 50 appliances vs. 25 appliance with the previous release representing a 100% increase
  • Users can now manage up to 20,000 servers. An increase of more than 1,500 servers vs. 18,500 with the previous release
  • Users can access HPE OneView Global Dashboard and HPE OneView appliances through the HPE OneView Global Dashboard using IPv4 or IPv6.
  • New Critical Alerts Report lets users view critical alerts by occurrence or by resource type.

All of these updates help IT staff troubleshoot alerts and view core inventory data from one place and make more informed, faster decisions with better infrastructure visibility. 

The Future with HPE OneView

Available beginning February 2019, this new release of HPE OneView 4.2 allows customers to be able to spend less time maintaining their IT infrastructure and more time working on other important projects. It will also let customers offer their infrastructure as a service to organizations across their business, because it provides more flexibility in how infrastructure configure and managed in the data center. With over one million licenses sold, and as CRN’s 2018 Product of the Year, HPE OneView has been proven to add tremendous value for customers looking to manage their complex IT infrastructure in a more efficient way.

To learn more about HPE OneView and how it can help reduce time and complexity for your IT infrastructure, take a look at the popular HPE OneView for Dummies Guide, or the IDC Business Value of HPE OneView.

HPE also offers a FREE 60-day trial of HPE OneView advanced. Don't pass up the opportunity to realize the benefits of HPE OneView for FREE!

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