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What’s new with HPE ConvergedSystem 750? Fall 2019 updates

Fall 2019 updates to the HPE ConvergedSystem 750 include additional HPE Synergy composability with VMware software, now featuring HPE Composable Fabric to enable and enhance the experience on your journey to hybrid cloud.

The HPE ConvergedSystems 750 delivers a scalable, composable, highly available converged infrastructure platform HPE ConvergedSystem 750HPE ConvergedSystem 750designed to address the myriad of business requirements, workloads, and applications required by our customers.

The HPE ConvergedSystems 750 incorporates a wide range of technologies including HPE Synergy Composable Infrastructure (with the HPE Synergy Image Streamer option), multiple storage options (e.g. HPE 3PAR Storage, HPE Nimble Storage, and/or D3940 with support for VMware vSAN), multiple switch vendors (e.g. HPE, Arista, or Cisco), storage networking, rack & power options, and a validated VMware vSphere-based software stack with vRealize Operations Manager and vRealize Orchestrator. You can leverage this foundation to reliably deploy and configure a wide variety of IT tasks and workloads.

The Fall 2019 update to the HPE ConvergedSystems 750 includes the following capabilities:

  • Support for HPE Synergy Composer2
  • Support for HPE Synergy 4-port FLM
  • Support for HPE Composable Fabric 3032Q switches
  • Upgraded HPE Software stack to include HPE OneView 5.
  • HPE OneView 5.0 for Synergy Nimble FC Integration and shared volume provisioning
  • HPE OneView 5.0 for Synergy Brocade FOS switch SAN Manager
  • Support for VMware 6.7u2
  • VMware vRealize Orchestrator in validated software stack
  • HPE OneView for vRealize Orchestrator plug-in
  • HPE 3PAR for vRealize Orchestrator plug-in
  • Support for HPE Nimble Storage Arrays with HPE Recovery Manager Central VMware plug-in

Additional highlights:

  • With HPE Composable Fabric, solution network composability now extends across multiple HPE Synergy Logical enclosures and HPE ProLiant DL servers. HPE Composable Fabric integrates with VMware to provide the end user with a full suite of network management and troubleshooting capabilities from the VMware vCenter user interface.

CS750 - Fall 2019 - 2.jpg.png

Figure 1. HPE Composable Fabric Integration with VMware vCenter

  • When a change is made to the vSphere virtual networking, the change is automatically propagated to HPE Composable Fabric. Also, when leveraging technologies such as VMware vSAN or Nimble iSCSI based storage, network paths are dedicated to ensure that traffic is lossless across the HPE Composable Fabric mesh fabric. HPE Composable Fabric provides intelligent and adaptive technology ensuring workloads are always available and have access to the most optimal network paths.
  • With VMware vRealize Orchestrator, users can create automated workflows to manage and configure their VMware resources. HPE provides a set of vRealize Orchestrator plugins to integrate with HPE OneView as well as HPE 3PAR storage.

CS750 - Fall 2019 - 3.png

Figure 2. Some of the Workflows available for HPE OneView in VMware vRealize

With these plugins, users can orchestrate actions across a wide range of resources from cluster level driver and firmware updates to virtual networking to storage provisioning. The CS750 solution integrates these plugins with the solution stack providing the user with the ability to manage and configure resources from the vRO interface.

You can refer to the HPE ConvergedSystems 750 HPE Synergy Gen10 VMware 6.5 and 6.7 Design Guide for more information. This guide highlights the different compute, storage, and networking options along with expert implementation and sizing guidance. If you want to learn more:

David Mulligan_HPE.pngMeet HPE blogger David Mulligan, Converged Solutions 750 R&D Engineer, HPE. David serves as an overall development lead (currently leading the HPE ConvergedSystems 750 Fall 2019 update) as well as a development engineer responsible for solution design and integration primarily in the areas of HPE Synergy Composable infrastructure and VMware.


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