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When it comes to HPE’s Smart Array Controllers, choice is a good thing

HPE introduces the new HPE Smart Array P824i-p MR (MegaRAID) Gen10 Controller, which gives ProLiant customers a new choice in server storage.

Blog_smartarray.jpgData centers use myriad applications to run and protect the data generated and aggregated. Because more than 80% of an enterprise’s data resides in storage, scalable storage solutions that ensure the data will always be secure and available for analysis are critical. Luckily, HPE provides choices for businesses to manage evolving data storage needs.

Know your choices when it comes to HPE ProLiant and data storage

HPE just introduced the HPE Smart Array P824i-p MR (MegaRAID) Gen10 Controller, which gives ProLiant customers a new choice in server storage. Manufactured by Broadcom Limited, the controller is designed to configure the high-density storage preferred by enterprise customers. This is the only controller in the HPE portfolio that supports up to 24 internally attached SAS or SATA drives without the need for a SAS expander card. Its high port count maximizes connectivity and storage space to deliver enterprise-level performance and scalability.

The P824i-p MR Controller also uses a new, user-friendly web-based interface called HPE MR Storage Administrator that makes it easy to configure, monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot drives. Additionally, the controller supports online firmware updates, which allows users to configure the server without having to reboot.

And like HPE’s other Smart Array controllers, the P824i-p MR Controller also features mixed mode, which provides the flexibility to present logical drives and non-configured physical drives to the operating system on a single controller. This frees up a PCI Express (PCIe) slot for other uses and is ideal for software-defined storage solutions.

Don’t need to support 24 drives? No problem.

HPE offers a complete portfolio of Smart Array SR (SmartRAID) Gen10 Controllers, manufactured by Microsemi Corporation. These controllers have long been known for their ability to combine industry-leading performance with data protection, enhanced server uptime, and controller-based data-at-rest encryption.

Companies that choose HPE Smart Array Controllers won’t regret the choice they make, because HPE Smart Array controllers provide the performance, reliability, security and efficiency needed to address the evolving data storage needs of data centers of all sizes.

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