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3 reasons to upgrade to HP Integrity during 2013


Whether watching television, checking mail, or reading the newspaper, I am seemingly inundated with a flurry of information on the new 2013 and even 2014 car models.   There is an abundance of models to compare, deals that encourage us to take a test drive, and an unending list of promotions designed to grab our interest.   For me, I really enjoy the promotions on sports cars, especially as I look out the window at the New England weather and see the snow piling up!   Although I may be motivated by the harsh winters to dream about warmer climates and a new sports car, it does get me thinking about what motivates others to upgrade to a new car.   Whether your reason to upgrade is to get better gas mileage, more reliability, or just have a better and newer car, I realize there are similarities to why HP customers are upgrading their mission-critical server environments to the new HP Integrity systems.


What decisions or criteria influence you to buy or upgrade your existing IT infrastructure?  Over the next few months, I plan to share customers’ stories expanding on the reasons they upgraded their mission-critical infrastructures.    Each month, I will feature a customer who has driven their infrastructure “fast forward”.   Yes, fast forward, just as when you sit in front of your TV and fast forward thru the commercials to get to the information you are really looking for.


After delving into many of our customers’ stories, I found several reasons customers needed to upgrade their systems

1.     Business enablement - Does your existing server handle your business’ needs?   Are you getting the results you expect? Do you need faster responses or new functionality?   If your IT infrastructure is “status quo”, you may be missing an opportunity.   In today’s ultra-competitive global markets, infrastructure that enables your business helps you compete better.  Don’t be satisfied with the status quo when your competitors are driving forward.

2.     Bigger bang for your IT buck – Look at the personal computer.  What cost $5000 five years ago now costs just $500.   The new generation of infrastructure --- servers, operating environments, storage, networks –has stunning TCO/ROI benefits; energy savings for power and cooling, dramatically reduced cost/sq. ft., lower support costs, and in many instances, fewer resources are required to manage it. Not many IT budgets are growing.  An infrastructure that delivers bigger bang for your IT budget is required.

3.      Leverage today’s economy because interest rates have never been lower. Gain more budget flexibility with financing to conserve capital or leasing options that deliver bottom line value. A typical lease runs for 3-5 years. At lease end, the option to extend or buy outright can be very attractive.


As I peruse the new Audi TT promotional material and choose colors, you may want to consider how the new HP Integrity systems can drive you fast forward by checking out the new Integrity systems.  Compare features.   Explore the HP-UX operating environment and NonStop environments.   The time has never been better to take advantage of new mission-critical capabilities, drive down costs, and gain a competitive edge.   Get familiar with the upgrade tools and services offered and consider the programs that can help you evolve, upgrade or refresh your existing technologies to new Integrity technologies.



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Greetings! I am on the HP Enterprise Group marketing team focused on small and midsize businesses.

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