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3 ways to experience extreme database, data warehouse & virtualization performance at HP Discover


Guest blog by Tushar Agrawal, HP ProLiant Scale-up x86 Product Manager


HP ProLiant Scale-up (4-socket) x86 servers, which includes the new DL580 Gen8, have a knack for generating world-record performance results. At HP Discover 2014, we are delighted to bring you an end-to-end experience of components and optimizations that demonstrate these results. 


Here are the three ways you can make the most of your time at HP Discover learning about HP Scale-up x86 servers:



#1 - Demos at HP Discover Zone

Your scale-up x86 experience at HP Discover should absolutely start with our “Scale-up x86 Platforms (demo id# 1240)” panel, where you’ll have the opportunity to open, touch and feel a production quality DL580 Gen8 server and learn about the unique features that differentiates these products from every other offering in the market.


Adjacent is the “Scale-up x86 OS and Hypervisor (demo id# 1241)” section. This is where our Microsoft Windows Server and Linux team of experts demonstrate best practices for performance optimization and live demos on advanced reliability features that increase up time for your infrastructure. Large NUMA servers have interesting quirks and we are sure you will be thoroughly entertained!


Okay, so you get the hardware and system software but want to hear about the apps! The next two demos are perfect for just that.


“Extreme performance database and data warehouse solutions (demo id# 1242)” brings a powered-on rack with the all scale-up x86 servers, 3PAR storage and HP IO Accelerators running MS SQL Server 2014, generating mind-boggling results for OLTP and OLAP workloads. Whether you are a SAN-lover (shared-all) or SAN-hater (shared nothing), we’ve got you covered here. 

“Virtualization and ISV Solutions (demo id# 1243)” demonstrates how scale-up x86 servers enable virtualization of large or multiple small database as well as business applications you wouldn’t have virtualized before. See how MS SQL Server 2014 performs on Hyper-V and how an industry leading health-care ERP application scales on the new HP DL580 Gen8 server.



#2 - Hands-on-labs on DL580 Gen8

This year we have three hands-on-labs focusing on the DL580 Gen8 server. These are designed to touch upon optimization best practices for three foundational performance and scalability control knobs for your server – System Firmware, Operating System and Hypervisors. If you have not registered already, do hurry! Limited seats only!


-          HOL3714 - Best practices for deploying KVM on the HP ProLiant DL580 Gen8 Server 

-          HOL3715 - Best practices for deploying Microsoft Hyper-V on the HP ProLiant DL580 Gen8 Server 

-          HOL3713 - Unified Extensible Firmware Interface: The successor to legacy BIOS and its implications with Linux and Microsoft Windows 



#3 - Business break-out session
Session, #BB3787 Titled, “Extreme perf database, data warehouse & virtualization sols on HP ProLiant Scale-up (4S) Servers”


I am the speaker for this session, so I do hope you'll join me for this session.  Our goal is to give you a business benefits deep dive of HP Scale-up x86 servers. We’ll show you how the world-record breaking HP ProLiant Scale-up x86 (4-socket – DL580, DL560, BL660c Gen8) servers help you accomplish your objectives faster and more efficiently than other alternatives such as RISC/UNIX or massive scale-out clusters. We‘ll also demonstrate how HP scale-up x86 servers uniquely maximize the value of new in-memory, in-server flash and GPGPU technologies for dramatic performance improvements. In addition we’ll demonstrate how extreme performance database and data warehouse reference architectures based on HP ProLiant Scale-up x86 Servers, HP 3PAR Storage and HP IO Accelerators create new possibilities for your data intensive workloads.



Welcome to the HP scale-up x86 experience. We are sure it’s going to be an exciting week of learning and discovering. See you soon!

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