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Accelerating Genomics Research with a New Breakthrough Architecture


Intel and the Broad Institute recently announced a milestone in advancing genomics research, and HPE is proud to be partnering with these leaders in their mission to help researchers everywhere drive insights that ultimately improve human health.

The field of genomics is revolutionizing our understanding of human biology, rapidly accelerating the discovery and treatment of genetic diseases, and dramatically improving human health. Genomics, which allows medical professionals to use the study of genes to enhance clinical care, is moving the industry quickly toward a promising future of personalized healthcare and precision medicine.

To help, Intel and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard have partnered to make genomic analytics workflows run faster, at unprecedented scale, and with easier deployment. Sharing a GenomeBlog.jpgcommon vision of uncovering better methods for acquiring, processing, storing, and analyzing the data produced by genomic analysis, Intel and Broad recently introduced a series of powerful and flexible data center solutions incorporating best-of-breed hardware and optimized software that will enhance researchers’ ability to analyze genomic datasets collected from diverse sources.

The Genome Analysis Toolkit from the Broad Institute is the industry’s foremost software tool in the field of genomic analytics. The Broad Institute recently announced that the fourth version of the software package (designated GATK4) would be released under an open source software license to help researchers eliminate infrastructure-related complications and analyze large genomic datasets in an easier, faster, and more efficient way.

Intel and the Broad have developed a breakthrough reference architecture, called the Broad-Intel Genomics Stack (BIGstack), which currently delivers 5X improvement to the Broad’s genomics analytics pipeline. The two companies hope that BIGstack will drive global alignment in the rapidly growing genomics community.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), working in collaboration with Intel, has been selected as an original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) partner to provide this breakthrough architecture. HPE has developed a purpose-built, unified compute and storage solution that is optimally designed for NGS workflows, and focuses on the throughput and efficiency needed to keep pace with the growing demand for genome analytics. The addition of the BIGstack application creates a complete turnkey solution, featuring robust and proven hardware and breakthrough genome analysis software. 

This is an exciting time for the field of genomics, and developments over the next decade will undoubtedly accelerate the use of technologies like high performance computing and artificial intelligence across the industry. As leaders in their respective fields, Intel and the Broad Institute are working together to develop solutions that will help researchers overcome the challenges of diverse genomic datasets, and speed time to results. HPE is proud to be contributing to this milestone in advancing genomics research.

To stay informed about the latest innovations in genomic sequencing analytics, please follow me on Twitter at @wheatHPC. You can also check out HPE’s HPC page at @HPE_HPC for a variety of new announcements in HPC, AI/deep learning, supercomputing & more.

Coming soon to select cities: “Lunch and learn” events with HPE, Intel, and a leading IDC analyst, where you will hear about HPE’s effort to identify the most efficient solutions for genomics. Attendance is limited – register today!  

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Stephen Wheat
Director, HPC Vertical Solutions and Apollo Pursuits
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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About the Author


Dr. Stephen Wheat manages HPE’s HPC Vertical Solutions and Apollo Pursuits efforts at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. He directs teams that focus on the growth opportunities in Life Sciences, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, and Weather. Dr. Wheat has been in the HPC community for 37 years. He was included twice in the HPCwire list of People to Watch, in 2006 and 2011. In 2008, he was identified as one of 25 NAS Superstar people at NASA Advanced Supercomputing Division’s 25th anniversary. He is a Gordon Bell prize winner.

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