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Accelerating Your Path to Composable Infrastructure


Learn how you can gain flexibility and scalability to meet today’s complex IT challenges by accelerating your path to a composable infrastructure with HPE.

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The challenges your IT department faces today are often complex and conflicting. You must generate revenue and profits while reducing costs. You need to be fast, agile and flexible—and you need to reduce risk. You must improve customer experience while increasing employee productivity. 

The Path to Composable Infrastructure provides the flexibility and scalability needed to meet these demands by enabling you to leverage your infrastructure while increasing capabilities and empowering new applications. The Path to Composable is HPE BladeSystem with HPE OneView

HPE BladeSystem increases density, minimizes workload bottlenecks, optimizes and reduces TCO while improving user experience. HPE OneView enables you to work faster and more simply by automating and streamlining IT processes across compute, storage, and fabric resources.  With HPE OneView 3.0, you can accelerate IT delivery with:

  • The HPE Global Dashboard where you can view your entire infrastructure across multiple data centers globally from a single view.
  • Utilize Software defined templates to automate your tasks and simplify the installation, configuration and provisioning of new blade servers
  • Online Virtual Connect migration providing for non-disruptive migration operations when moving from VCM/VCEM
  • 24x7 health monitoring and automatic parts dispatch via the remote support feature

Together HPE BladeSystem and HPE OneView converge servers, storage and networking with software-defined intelligence to automate IT operations—and be firmly on the path to a composable experience.Accelerate your business results_Composable.jpg

 See the complete Path to Composable infographic here.

Travel down the Path to Composable with confidence

You can be confident when selecting HPE BladeSystem as it continues to be the market leader in blade servers. In fact, for the seventh year in a row, HPE BladeSystem was selected by IT Pros as the Enterprise Blade Server Market Leader. Respondents in the annual IT Brand Pulse survey also chose HPE BladeSystem as the 2017 Performance, Reliability and Innovation leader.

Learn more about the Path to Composable:

For a fully composable experience, try HPE Synergy.

Then take the next step to maximize your infrastructure and gain capabilities to increase IT coverage.

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