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Address All of Your Datacenter High-Performance Needs with HP Hyperscale at HP Discover


Since its inception HP Hyperscale has been at the leading edge of optimizing your data center with HP Scalable Systems - from the world's first software-defined server, Moonshot, to the ProLiant SL server series, as well as the Performance Optimized Data Centers (PODs). This year at HP Discover, we are moving the high-performance computing benchmark even higher by introducing a new family of rack scale solutions to advance scientific computing and provide the best performance for your budget.


Network with HP experts in the Discover Zone and learn about new products, participate in guided tours, and hear from our special guests who will speak first-hand about the value of HP innovation.


Also In addition, we encourage you to save the dates for the following Hyperscale sessions taking place throughout the week.


Tuesday June 10

  • 10:00am – 10:30am, Discussion Forum (Session DF4372): Tips and tricks for density-optimized rack power management. Get the latest tips and tricks for optimizing rack power management in your data center. From powering your servers on/off to enclosure or rack power capping, HP’s Advanced Power Manager and other tools can help you get the power and redundancy you need while saving time and energy.
  • 5:30 – 5:50pm, Innovation Theater (Session IT4705): Bloom it, Dip it and Water it: How eBay, Tokyo Tech and NREL are transforming data center efficiency. Ever thought of using your data center heat to melt the ice on your sidewalks? How about dipping your servers in vats of oil or other liquids to keep them cool? Thought of using alternative energy sources like Bloom energy? Come hear how the National Renewable Energy Labs, Tokyo Institute of Technology and eBay are greening the data center into the future.

Wednesday June 11

  •  9:00am – 9:30am, Discover Theater (Session DT4361):Announcing: New high performanc platforms to accelerate innovation. HP takes a giant leap for high-performance computing by introducing a new family of rack scale solutions that accelerate innovation. Come to this session to hear how Intel and the National Renewable Energy Labs strive to lead by example—designing the world’s most energy-efficient data centers.
  • 9:00am – 10:00am, Breakout Session (Session BB4360): Announcing: A new rack scale platform for scalability and efficiency, delivering best performance for your budget. Come find out what new platform HP has engineered to deliver 4x better performance per dollar per watt than a competing blade. From the start, HP designed this system for rack scale efficiency with the flexibility to deliver TCO savings for electronic design automation (EDA), risk modeling and other workloads. Come hear how Intel® structures its data center to maximize performance per core within the same power and space envelope for its EDA operation.
  • 10:30am-11:30am, Breakout Session (session TB4368): Panel: Data center trend-setters share learnings about leading-edge compute and cooling technologies. As compute demands skyrocket, industry trendsetters in power and cooling use alternative energy cells, warm-water cooling and re-use, oil immersion, and other cooling methods to maximize both performance and efficiency. Attend this session to find out how Tokyo Institute of Technology, the National Renewable Energy Labs and others are quenching their data centers’ thirst.

Thursday June 12

  •  9:00am –10:00am, Breakout Session (Session TB4370): Top 5 Considerations for Transitioning to Open Compute. Would you like to cut costs with Open Compute servers? Curt Belusar, HP Director of Platform Research & Development, shares the top five considerations for transitioning to Open Compute-compliant platforms in your data center. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn more about HP’s Open Compute portfolio.
  • 10:30am – 11:30am, Breakout Session (Session BB4369): Digital Service Efficiency: A New Way to Measure Infrastructure to Revenue Returns. Join Dean Nelson, eBay Inc.’s VP of Global Foundation Services, and members of the Technology Business Management Council for a lively discussion on new ways to quantify productivity and the importance of putting business key performance indicators (KPIs) against any data center program. eBay will discuss some of their best practices for addressing the challenges of balancing cost and environmental considerations when making technology decisions.

If you haven’t already, register for the event to take advantage of great hands-on experience with convergence solutions delivered by HP. Make sure you also check out the FREE training that is being offered by PartnerOne and the ExpertOne team here. Use the code, "EXPERT" when registering and receive a $300 discount off the cost of your pass. (Users must register ahead to secure seating.) 


Then check out the HP Discover Session Catalog to see full descriptions of the items above, so you can better plan your week and gain the most out of your experience.


Pace yourself to ensure you’ll join us in the Discover Zone on Tuesday night at 6pm for a special announcement.


See you in Las Vegas June 10-12!

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