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An OpenStack Private Cloud designed to squash shadow IT


Guest blog written by Jay Hendrickson, Product Manager, HPE Server Software, HP Servers Core Product Mgt

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Here’s the issue. End-users in your organization are using public cloud resources because it is easier than going through IT to get what they want. And though you may preach potential security and compliance concerns, or even that performance is better in-house, getting resources fast is what drives end-user behavior.

And while resources in the public cloud are appropriate for some applications, they are not appropriate for all. However, as lines of businesses become more technologically aware, they see alternatives in the market for direct consumption of information technology. In other words, users see IT as a service and they want it fast, simple, and available. You know what I’m talking about…Shadow IT.

So let’s get to it. A private cloud is going to allow your users to provision resources fast, and it is going to keep those pesky shadow IT concerns in check. And an OpenStack private cloud will allow you to use all those cool tools you’ve developed in house, obtained from the open source community, or tools that you just like.

But building an OpenStack private cloud is complex, takes time, and let’s face it, it’s a bit risky. No doubt, you’ll have a lot of questions before embarking on this journey.

Enter HPE Helion Rack. Helion Rack is a pre-configured, Helion OpenStack optimized, private cloud solution…in a single rack. It’s built with ProLiant DL360/DL380 servers, running Helion OpenStack, delivered by HPE professional services, and addresses many of your questions, including:  

  • What hardware to use? Why not be safe and use the world’s most popular and reliable servers in the world? ProLiant. But don’t take my word for it. According to IDC, ProLiant servers have been #1 in the world…for 79 consecutive quarters. Here is where I drop the mike!
  • What hardware configurations? Helion Rack is designed based on best practices gleaned from customer feedback, and across HPE server, cloud, and services teams. Notice I stated customer feedback first.
  • What are the uses cases? Helion Rack addresses your top uses cases of accelerating your traditional development and test efforts, developing cloud native applications, and using those cloud native applications in production. That’s what we heard from you.
  • What will the workloads look like? Let’s face it. You may not know. As your end-users are able to get resources faster, their behaviors will change. And as that behavior changes, workloads will change with them. You’ll want hardware that can address workloads requiring high compute or high storage or both. ProLiant DL360/DL380 servers are flexible. They do all that.
  • What OpenStack® distribution to use? HPE is a leading contributor in the OpenStack® community. It is important to choose a distributor who can support the software…unless you are prepared to support your cloud software yourself.
  • Is there any organization out there that can provide an integrated hardware and OpenStack® solution with consulting, installation, deployment, support, and training? That would be HPE. Every other hardware vendor or OpenStack® distributor has to partner up to get all that stuff done. Here is where I drop the mike again.

There you have it. Helion Rack. A private cloud all wrapped up in a nice pretty 42-u rack.

You can get more information about Helion Rack at: or send me an email at:

Jay has spent over 15 years in HPE engineering program management and product management; focusing on infrastructure for Linux software, virtualization, and OpenStack private cloud among other endeavors. He enjoys running, motorcycle touring, occasionally breaking out his guitar, and of course, helping to build private clouds. Follow him on Twitter @ChipTyme.

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