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Big is not always best, but when it comes to enterprise computing, big is definitely valuable


The preferred hardware choice to deploy critical applications that demand high performance and always-on availability is large scale-up systems. The challenge is that these have been traditionally proprietary platforms, carrying high acquisition and operational costs – until now.

HP Integrity Superdome X gives you the best way to deploy your largest and most critical workloads on cost effective industry standard x86 processors. This server is designed from the ground-up to provide high-availability and resiliency. In fact, based on the latest availability measurements of real-world implementations, Superdome X has the ability to deliver five nines (99.999%) of single-system availability.

Even if your applications are small in size today, Superdome X can grow from 2 to 16 sockets, in a single scale-up system, or be divided into multiple smaller servers using electrical isolated partitions called nPars. Now you have the computing resiliency and big platform footprint to modernize your business processing systems and core databases running on industry standard x86 technology. Today Big is getting Bigger with the newest generation of powerful Intel® Xeon® processors.

HP is announcing availability of Superdome X with BL920s Gen9 Server Blades. What can you expect and what are the benefits?

  1. Faster processors: Superdome X with BL920s Gen9 Server Blades feature the Intel Xeon processor E7 v3 family, offering higher performance than its predecessor. Why should you care? Faster processors mean more business transactions processed in less time for your OLTP applications, and faster insights for your BI deployments. In today´s business world, speed is the name of the game and Superdome X gets you blazing performance.
  2. More cores: With the new BL920s Gen9 Server Blades you can start as low as an 8-core single blade and grow to a fully configured 16-socket, 8-blade, 288-core massive single server. How do you benefit? Starting small and being able to grow as your business demands – without architectural change and with only a reboot – gives you incredible flexibility, easier management and the possibility to reduce scale-out server sprawl. And 288 cores of powerful Xeon processors gives you enough capacity to deploy your largest workloads.
  3. 24TB of memory in a single platform: Superdome X continues to push the limit of memory capacity for industry-standard platforms and today we´re pleased to announce support for an even larger memory footprint of 24TB of RAM. Why is this important? The benefits of in-memory computing can only be fully realized when deployed in large memory footprint platforms. 24TB of memory will allow you to get the most value out of your in-memory databases and advance your journey toward Real-Time Analytics.
  4. Low-core count options: The new BL920s Gen9 Server Blades come in a wide variety of core counts spanning from 8-core to 36-core blades. So what? Some of the most pervasive software in your datacenter is licensed per core. With software costs representing a very large percentage of any IT deployment, any way you can reduce those licenses will lead to meaningful cost reductions. Low-core count, high performance blades are a good way to achieve significant software license savings right now.
  5. A new nPar size: Superdome X offers support for HP nPars, hard partitions which carry many benefits including the possibility to deploy different - fully isolated – workloads within the same enclosure, a way to contain software costs and an easy to implement approach to grow your system seamlessly. The new Superdome X with BL920s Gen9 Server Blades supports a new nPar size of 3-blades, in addition to existing 1-, 2-, 4- and 8-blades nPar options. What does this mean? The new nPar size gives you flexibility to configure your environment to cost effectively consolidate mission critical workloads while meeting your business needs.

In summary the new Superdome X, now with BL920s Gen9 Server Blades, delivers faster business transactions and insights, more agility and configuration flexibility in a platform that can grow seamlessly with your business.

I invite you to get more information by visiting the product page and reading the data sheet and FAQs.

About the Author


I am a Marketing Manager within HP Servers focused on Mission-Critical Solutions.