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Building Strong IT Foundations: HP and SUSE


In November the United States celebrates Veteran’s Day.  Veteran’s Day is a chance for US citizens to honor those who sacrificed life or limb to protect their country.  The sacrifice made by US veterans has made a significant impact on building a strong foundation for the USA. 


I have benefited greatly from the sacrifice by US Veteran’s.  I do not believe the freedoms and opportunities I enjoy would be available without their sacrifice.  Building a firm foundation is no accident - it takes work - and it is critical not only for countries, but also for businesses. 


Together HP and SUSE work to build a strong IT foundation for your business.  How does HP and SUSE build a strong IT foundation for your business?  There are three ways:


First, we build reliable systems.  Data has become the life-blood of the new digital economy.  Without it many businesses would grind to a halt.  HP and SUSE have invested deeply in technologies such as redundancy, fail-over, etc. that result in higher system reliability.


Second, we build manageable systems. IT complexity has grown rapidly with an increasingly interconnected and virtualized environment.  Management is not just a feature, it is a necessity.  HP has brought more intelligence into the system to make management simpler.  SUSE’s management strategy mirrors HP’s.


Third, we deliver innovation.  The pace of innovation in the IT industry is stunning.  Buy something one day and it is obsolete the next.  Both HP and SUSE are committed to technology innovation that provides return on investment for many years to come.  One such example is HP Moonshot, supported and certified on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, providing efficiency and sustainability now and in the future. 


And we are solving problems.  Together HP and SUSE addressed the challenge of accessing the latest HP server innovations, updates and feature enhancements with the Bootable Driver Kit


Engineering reliable, manageable and innovative systems in this way may not seem like much, but it goes a long way to providing businesses with a strong IT foundation that leads to higher growth now and in the future.

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Hats off to the veteran's who sacrifieced their life for the country.Congrats to HP and SUSE for building the  Strong IT Foundation.

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