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By the numbers: the business value of modernizing IT with HP ProLiant Servers

They say the devil is in the details, and often that’s true. But sometimes the drama is in the details, too, and that’s definitely the case with a new white paper from IDC.

The IT market intelligence firm looked at the quantifiable benefits that can be achieved by organizations that modernize their environments with HP ProLiant Gen8 and Gen9 servers. The findings are impressive, and I couldn’t resist pulling some out to show you here; see the graphic.1



These numbers pretty much speak for themselves, but it’s worth diving into the details in the report to get the full picture of how HP rack and tower servers generate this kind of ROI. I’d especially direct your attention to the IDC’s financial benefits analysis, which covers: 

  • Business productivity
  • IT staff productivity
  • IT infrastructure cost reductions, and
  • Risk mitigation—user productivity benefits

The report explains why HP customers are saying things like: 

“Before, our IT team would spend all in all six to seven days to install a server. Now, it’s more like two days, including testing and everything.” 

“We can get our applications out faster, and this means that people using these applications are more productive sooner.” 

“We wanted to streamline our servers and get them to the same generation. We’re getting more output from the ProLiant servers, running more business on them, and running a higher density of VMs on them.”


Read more about HP ProLiant Gen9 servers and how they can move your business forward.




  1. IDC: The Business Value of Modernizing IT with HP ProLiant Servers
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