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Calxeda’s new System-on-a-Chip to be featured in an upcoming HP Moonshot Cartridge


Guest blog written by Monika Gupta, HP Servers


HP Moonshot Partner, Calxeda, recently announced its second generation product line, the EnergyCore® ECX-2000 Family.  The new system-on-a-chip will be part of the first 32-bit ARM cartridge in the Moonshot portfolio specifically built for cloud applications.  This represents another milestone in Calxeda and HP’s rich history on the Moonshot program, going back 2 years when the companies kicked off an early development platform called Redstone. 

The new Moonshot server, with the new Calxeda ECX-2000 ARM-based processor, provides enterprises with 2x the performance and 4x the memory capacity of the previous generation Calxeda processor, while using 6 watts of power - just 10% of a 60-watt light bulb.


“HP is working with Calxeda to deliver new infrastructure economics to our customers and we are excited about their new EnergyCore ECX-2000 processor,” said Paul Santeler, vice president and general manager of HP’s Hyperscale Business Unit. “When delivered in an HP Moonshot solution, we believe it will offer users a new level of performance, using less energy and space than traditional solutions provide today.”


The newest Calxeda Moonshot cartridge is available now for testing and application development in HP’s Discovery labs.  Interested in learning more?  Watch Paul Santeler discuss Calxeda Midway for Moonshot, read the press release by Calxeda, or visit HP Moonshot System site  to learn more about the HP Discovery Labs.

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