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Caught in the Server Memory Traffic Jam Blues? Fast Fault Tolerance to the Rescue.


Read all about how Fast Fault Tolerance can help you avoid server memory traffic jams and improve your server performance.

Blog_Fault_Tolerance`.jpgBear with me as I quote Weird Al Yankovic’s song, Traffic Jam

Traffic jam…I haven't moved one inch from this here spot

Traffic jam…The freeway's one big parking lot

Traffic jam…Well, I thought we were movin' but I guess we're not

'Cause I'm stuck right here in the middle

Right here in the middle of a traffic jam

That’s exactly how IT people feel when they encounter server memory failures. Although memory failures occur infrequently, when they do happen, they can change or damage data, threaten program integrity, cause service events, and even contribute to server crashes.

Memory failures. Who needs the aggravation?

To address the aggravation of memory failures, HPE servers support a comprehensive suite of memory error detection and correction technologies—collectively called Memory RAS (reliability, availability, serviceability).

Imagine you’re one of thousands of cars traveling on a multi-lane freeway. Although there are no obstructions, everyone is driving slowly, hoping to prevent an accident. That’s the way RAS features worked in the past. Just the chance of a memory error caused a traffic jam. Can you feel a case of road rage coming on?

With our newest RAS technology—now available with the introduction of our Gen10 servers—the only slowed traffic is that in the lane with the obstruction. All of the other lanes continue to flow at a high speed, minimizing the impact on total throughput and increasing uptime.

This new RAS feature, called HPE Fast Fault Tolerance, enables a server to boot with full memory performance while monitoring for DRAM device failures. When it detects a memory error, the system reorganizes the way data is stored. Although data traffic in the area around the error will slow, the rest of memory will continue to run at full speed. Sometime later (overnight or over the weekend) the server can be turned off for planned downtime, and IT can replace the faulty DIMM with minimal impact. Traffic jam averted and sanity restored.

Learn how HPE SmartMemory with Fast Fault Tolerance can help you avoid server memory traffic jams and improve your server’s performance.

Make it fast.

Check out the Fast Fault Tolerance infographic.

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