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Citrix Breaks the Ties that Bind Us


Guest blog written by By Tom Bradicich, PhD  Vice President, HP Server Engineering


Like most of us, I’m forever striving to improve my productivity and efficiency. I noticed early on in life that a fundamental cause of inefficiency is having to do things with a dependency on a specific time, location, or tool. For example, when  I was a young boy needing to research some topic, I’d have my mom drive me to the library – at specific location, when it was open – a specific time of day, and access an encyclopedia – a specific tool. One generation later, when my son needs to research the same topic, he can anytime, anywhere (provided there’s connectivity), on many different devices, access the Wikipedia or Google search.


I find this concept intriguing. Consider verbal communication. The telephone broke the location dependency, voicemail the time dependency, and mobile devices the dependency on that old message box. The 24 hour ATM broke the tie to time,  for many banking tasks. All these broken ties increased efficiency. I did my doctoral dissertation research in healthcare informatics and telemedicine. I imagined the benefits of providing healthcare independent of time and place, which includes access to medical experts without travelling to their office, and helping underserved populations such as rural areas, prisons, third world populations, and those in armed service. It's all about access, and annihilating the barriers of time, place, and tools.


Now, impute this triad of time/place/device independence on accessing our apps and desktops. That’s what Citrix does for us. Their battle hardened suite of products liberates us, greatly enhancing both our personal and professional efficiency. I like to portion server hosted apps and desktops into three broad categories: Application Delivery, Virtual Machine VDI, and Hosted Physical Desktops. Each have their benefits and cost/performance trade-offs. Of the three, and because the CPU and software stack is NOT shared, XenDesktop for Hosted Physical Desktops provides three maximums: maximum performance, maximum compatibility, and maximum security. XenApp for Application Delivery shares resources, effectively affording large numbers of users with great price/performance. Tremendous progress has been made recently with the delivery of a class of complex and rich applications with the new HP Moonshot server with integrated GPUs. I had the pleasure of demonstrating this on stage last April at Citrix Synergy, along with my colleagues from Intel, as they introduced their Xeon E3 with Iris Pro Graphics.


And it gets better. Citrix has just announced advanced security, user experience, and management capabilities with their XenApp and XenDeskTop 7.6. With these new versions, security compliance and concerns become far less material. Of particular interest are the enhancements to motion graphics with DirectX/2D rendering, which align with the ubiquitous trend of video and motion graphics everywhere. Think about it, everything seems to be in motion and with higher resolution – there’s motion graphic menus at fast food restaurants, billboard images are dynamic, and even Facebook “automatically” plays a user posted video without the user having to click play.


These new capabilities from Citrix take the motion graphics dimension of server hosted apps and desktops to the next level. As Chef Emeril Lagasse would say, “Bam! Citrix just kicked it up an notch!”


If you’d like more information about Citrix, please click here.  And for more information about HP Moonshot, click here.



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