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Dancing with data: HPE compute innovations help IT make all the right moves



Guest blog by Tim Peters, VP & GM, HPE ProLiant Rack Servers, Server Software & Core Enterprise Solutions

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Do you remember a business book that came out, must be more than ten years ago now, with the title Who Says Elephants Can’t Dance? It was by IBM’s ex-CEO Lou Gerstner, and very influential in its day. The elephants that Gerstner had in mind were giant corporations, but that image has been much on my mind recently as I’ve been thinking about how today’s enormously powerful data centers are learning to dance in a new environment governed by cloud, mobility, big data – all the fluid, fast-moving elements of the idea economy.

Companies need to convert massive amounts of data into insights, and insights into action, in a few deft steps. They’re finding that the key to superb agility is a hybrid infrastructure that can support a mix of applications across public, private, and hybrid cloud, as well as traditional IT. I’m proud to say that today HPE has announced a portfolio of compute innovations to help them build that platform. We’re talking about an exciting new compute platform for Persistent Memory and options and solutions for our ProLiant Gen9 servers engineered to deliver standout performance in today’s cloud-enabled, data-intensive environments, and to accelerate customers’ transformation to the digital enterprise.

A new level of compute power for nimble IT

Every organization’s journey to a hybrid environment will be different in terms of strategy and pacing, and many will be looking for expert guidance along the way. That’s why we’re offering the HPE Application Migration to Cloud Solution. With this tried-and-true reference architecture, our HPE Technology Services experts can help you transition your key IT assets from a traditional environment to an on-premises cloud solution that offers many of benefits of public cloud while side-stepping the drawbacks.

With today’s releases, we’re delivering the compute power that enables data centers to pivot on a dime in response to whatever moves the business wants to make. And here I want to give a shout-out to our longstanding partnership with Intel. The new Intel Xeon platform brings a whole new level of performance to our ProLiant Gen9 series. It supports up to 22 cores and memory speeds of up to 2400MHz, while reducing energy footprint. It includes a stack of new security features as well as new orchestration capabilities such as cache allocation technology to enable workload prioritization, and memory bandwidth monitoring to identify conflict issues.

Enhancing security is, of course, an important goal for any data center modernization strategy. In addition to the new features embedded in the Xeon platform, HPE ProLiant Gen9 servers now include smart authentication with TCG Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 specification 1.16. The TPM microchip secures Gen9 servers by providing a tamper-resistant environment. It also supports Microsoft’s BitLocker disk encryption solution to safely store passwords, encryption keys, and other authentication elements.

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Driving performance for the data-driven organization

The vast amounts of data pouring into today’s IT systems are an unbelievably rich resource in today’s idea economy. Business leaders want to get more value from it, and they want it faster. HPE Persistent Memory helps them to do that. My colleague Bret Gibbs offers a great overview of our first offering in this new product category in this post, so I won’t go into the details here. But here’s the big takeaway: with HPE’s new 8GB non-volatile DIMMS, you get all the speed and performance of memory, but you also get the persistence of traditional storage – so your data won’t just disappear if your power blinks off for a moment. You get the best of both worlds. HPE ProLiant Gen9 is the world’s first compute platform from a major server vendor with built-in support for Persistent Memory, and it delivers absolutely unprecedented levels of performance.

We have great news around more traditional forms of memory and storage, too. We’ve announced fast data transfer with high-speed DRAM in multiple configurations. We now offer HPE DDR4 2400 memory in capacities starting at 8GB and upwards. If you need even higher density, HPE 128GB load-reduced DIMMs (LRDIMMs) deliver up to 23 percent better performance. And be sure to check out our state-of-the-art solid state drives. These SSDs offer PCIe with industry-standard NVMe speeds and capacity up to 2TB. They’re ideal for data center consolidation projects and your heavy-duty business intelligence and big data analytics workloads.

With today’s announcements, we believe we’re offering some truly elegant solutions that can help organizations move gracefully into the era of hybrid IT. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you increase agility across your infrastructure, please visit our HPE Servers page.

Curious how HPE can help you? We can point you in the right direction! Learn more here.


Tim Peters is Vice President and General Manager of HPE ProLiant Rack Servers, Server Software and Core Enterprise Solutions. He has a long history of being an effective innovator at several successful start-up efforts and as lead executive of multi-billion dollar global businesses.

Tim’s professional career started with Hewlett Packard as a VLSI Application Engineer after graduating from Texas A&M University in 1983. He led product planning and marketing teams at Compaq during the 1980s PC revolution, and was responsible for product plans for the very first ProLiant Server.

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