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Deliver Better Patient Outcomes with Insight through Real-Time Data Access



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Medical data is comprised of highly sensitive business-critical intelligence, including electronic health records, historical data, clinical trial results, and more. The ability to quickly process, analyze, and store growing volumes of data is crucial to perpetuating business growth, accelerating time to insight, and providing quality and affordable care.

In today’s competitive landscape, patients expect to be the primary focus of their physicians, and the most successful healthcare providers are seeking new technologies to streamline business operations and enhance care. This is particularly important for small and midsize businesses (SMBs) who struggle with limited IT resources and manpower constraints. Investing in high-performance storage solutions that are easy to manage and allow them to rapidly access and act on troves of data is key to their continued growth and success.


IT generalists are tasked with doing everything, and they are struggling. Many small healthcare providers lack the expertise and necessary resources to support cloud services, digital transformation, online data processing, big data, and other digital disruptions. Enhancing data analytics and reliability is crucial, and today’s organizations are looking for simple and affordable technologies to help them succeed.

SMBs, especially small offices and home offices (SOHOs), need data storage solutions that enable seamless data access. Building an efficient IT environment allows organizations to increase workplace productivity; speed data collection, analysis, and storage; and more accurately diagnose and treat patients. Right-sized technologies ensure that information is protected and readily available without exhausting IT budgets, which facilitates data-driven decision-making and increases patient satisfaction.

Data storage solutions for small businesses are delivering the power, choice, and ease-of-use to operate quickly and cost-effectively. Software-defined storage allows businesses to utilize existing storage or integrate new hardware into their current infrastructure to quickly and easily achieve greater flexibility for supporting continuous data growth and greater availability for keeping healthcare operations up and running.


Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is empowering healthcare SMBs with simple, fast, and affordable IT solutions. These offerings are designed to help smaller users compete and operate like large enterprises. The key is providing reliable data access across a variety of remote offices and branch locations.

Nimble Storage provides advanced, flash storage technologies with predictive analytics and industry-leading global support. With HPE’s acquisition of Nimble, customers can accelerate Hybrid IT workloads with a combination of on-premises and off-premises IT. Cloud software works to predict and prevent issues before they occur—86% of the time, Nimble addresses issues before users even notice there is a problem. Nimble also provides fast and efficient support services which enable healthcare organizations around the world to operate with confidence.

In addition to mid-level Nimble storage, HPE offers HPE MSA Storage which is designed to enhance data management capabilities. HPE MSA is ideal for sites that require affordable flash storage, and delivering effective and reliable performance in an entry-level solution helps organizations build their Hybrid IT strategy to ensure real-time data access.

Additionally, HPE SimpliVity leverages an enterprise-grade platform for midsize businesses. This hyperconverged option includes best-of-breed capabilities such as cloud agility and elevated levels of performance to speed innovation, mitigate IT service delivery roadblocks, and scale easily, all at an affordable price.

To learn more about data storage management for SMBs and SOHOs and how real-time data access facilitates better patient outcomes, I encourage you to follow us on Twitter at @HPE_SMB.

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