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Deploying a customized SPP firmware ISO image—white paper fresh off the press!!!


Firmware maintenance is an ongoing challenge for customers, so much so that some don’t even do it because they really don’t want to have to deal with such a time consuming process. At HP we continuously innovate and provide solutions to help with maintenance—like HP Smart Update solution. The HP Smart Update solution, consisting of HP Smart Update Manager (HP SUM) and HP Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP), simplifies the process of updating one or more HP ProLiant server in a minimal amount of time.


In a recent blog I wrote how to use HP SUM 7.1.0 scripting interface to update HP servers as an alternative approach to the HP SUM GUI mode. When I wrote this post, Stu Bernestein provided step-by-step instructions, including images and code, on how to update several servers. Well, now he has developed a long awaited document titled Building and deploying a customized SPP firmware ISO image White Paper that specifically focuses on creating and maintaining a custom SPP baseline with offline firmware updates when SPP is deployed remotely.


He begins by explaining that the Smart Update solution is composed of HP Smart Update Manager and Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP). He then gets in to all the good stuff. For starters he explains the benefits of creating a custom SPP ISO image, which include:


  • Relief of bandwidth constraints for remote deployment
  • Distribution of a smaller-footprint image for shorter deployment times and convenience (by using a USB drive)
  • More manageable updates and deployments by identifying relevant components for a specific type of target node


Stu then describes best practices—like providing step-by-step instructions as well as suggestions on how to maintain a customer SPP baseline—all to help facilitate the process.


You can share my excitement by reading the Building and deploying a customized SPP firmware ISO image White Paper and see how at HP we help you redefine compute economics, boost business performance and accelerate IT service delivery.


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The link to the white paper was updated.