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DevOps iLO Management: Chef


Guest blog by Vivek Bhatia - DevOps Consultant, DCIA COE, TS R&D


Infrastructure as Code (IAC) or programmable infrastructure has become a buzz word in last couple of years. It is a process of managing and provisioning infrastructure through code. IAC helps in automation enablement, self-documentation, and ease of quick risk-mitigation. Organizations like us have responsibility towards our Enterprise customers, to help them embrace this new way of managing their IT. While it is a seemingly small step to discover and get to a level of maturity where they have fundamentals of DevOps as their core principles of IT, sometimes the journey can start with solving small IT problems which in reality can be quite a pain.


HPE has a unique service: DC-IA (Data Center Care – Infrastructure Automation), which is an extension of the Data Center Care portfolio where we strive to help customers transform from the Traditional way of managing IT to the New Style of IT via principles of DevOps, relying on Infrastructure as Code, thereby ensuring that they deliver changes faster by bring agility in IT operations. Many DC-IA team members in the APJ region gained their expertise by working in Centers of Excellence WW (one of which is in Bangalore), closely working with customers in the APJ region. We have been working with a diverse set of customers who experience quite a bit of pain configuring/managing masses of iLO’s (Integrated Lights out) using the iLO user interface, which can be quite a daunting task for their System Administrators. iLO is a proprietary embedded server management technology by HPE that provides out-of-band management facilities. 


The DC-IA team had the idea to create an integration between Chef (a strategic partner of HPE to deliver DC-IA service) with ILOs, so Sys Admins could “plug and play” this solution and start using it with ease. The HPE DC-IA team has created an easy-to-use solution for customers with HPE Gen8 and Gen9 servers to enable configuration automation.


Chef is an open-source tool designed for automation at scale by modeling infrastructure code in Ruby. Chef solution provide to components:

  1. iLO Ruby SDK a software library to make it easy to interact with the iLO RESTful API
  2. iLO Chef Cookbook that provide resources to define iLO configurations with Chef Recipes.


If you want to learn more on how to get started with our iLO Chef solution, read our blog Automated iLO Management with Chef on our Development Community Blogs.


For more information about how the DC-IA team can help you in this journey, please refer to the HPE DC-IA Service Link below to find out more. HPE DC-IA Service Link: 

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I am a Product Manager managing the Scripting Portfolio like PowerShell and iLO RESTful API for HPE Server Software. Stay tuned for topics on Software Management, Software Defined Compute and iLO RESTful API! Follow me @AnaMachado08