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Disaster recovery/tolerant solutions for Linux workloads


Disaster recovery or protection technologies have evolved and provides highly matured solutions to safeguard the IT assets of an organization in an event of a disaster. Despite achieving the sophistication in the development of disaster recovery or protection technology, some of the incidents mentioned below are common which gets the attention of public as news provider agencies make them available as breaking news clips.

  • Banking operations stopped for a week
  • Retailers unable to service customer requests due to failure of computer systems recovery
  • Shutdown of stock exchange trading operations and so on

Additionally, government regulations also mandate the business organizations to build, verify and disclose the preparedness of disaster protection of their critical IT assets of which data resides at its core.


One of the common reasons for failures is that complexity in integration of various products/technologies involved in providing disaster recovery facility and verification of the systems response to an event such as failure, fault or disaster in a real production deployment scenario of a customer. HP as a large technology company with interests spanning across Servers, Storage, Networking and Highly available/Disaster tolerant Serviceguard clustering solutions, they come with a unique quality which is time tested and proven in the real world failure scenarios.  With decades of experience serving the mission critical customers, HP understands the customers best in the disaster recovery field. As a result we have built the products and also tested them in our lab environment covering various real deployment scenarios to identify and fix any issues before these products get deployed in a customer environment. This effort minimizes or eliminates the risk of product failures when they are expected to serve at a critical situation.


With vast experience in the disaster recovery field, HP developed various products/solutions to meet the needs of customers spread across the spectrum. Highlights of some the products introduced recently for Linux platform are provided below for quick glance:


HP Serviceguard Extended Desistence Cluster ( XDC) for Linux

  • Protect your data centers from local disasters and outages by clustering two data centers up to 100km apart
  • Chose automatic or manual failovers to best fit your data center needs
  • Secure the integrity of your data with synchronous data protection
  • Experience flexibility in your storage choices with simplicity of host based replication

HP Servicegaurd Metrocluster

  • Automatically failover to any data center in your Serviceguard cluster within 300km with host independent array replication
  • Choose the failover that makes sense for you, Metrocluster supports both synchronous and asynchronous data replication modes
  • Ensure your business operations are not compromised with continual verification of the currency and the integrity of your data
  • Works with Remote copy for HP 3PAR and Continuous Access HP XP

HP Serviceguard Continentalclusters

  • Experience back-up and failover capabilities across unlimited distances
  • Protect your entire workload with whole cluster failover, instead of select workloads
  • Run mission-critical services in both of your Continentalclusters clusters with the ability to recover one to the other with mutual recovery
  • Decide exactly when you want to failover with push-button failover
  • Works with HP 3PAR and HP XP storage arrays


Some of these products are integrated with HP Serviceguard manager which provides intuitive interfaces for ease of management and deployment in production environments. As each customer need is unique, HP Servicegaurd product provides various choices to select, deploy and reap the benefits of the protection that these products ensue in an event of any format of a failure. For more details, do visit our official website or contact your local HP sales office.

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