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Discover 2017 Announcement: World’s Most Secure Industry Standard Server Featuring iLO 5


This year’s HPE Discover event went above and beyond expectations. In part because the work we’ve labored on for two years took center stage. We could finally reveal “The World’s Most Secure Industry Standard Server” powered by iLO 5.


Blog_ilo5_discover.jpgI recently returned from a week in Las Vegas, working at HPE Discover. Our annual technology conference is always an exciting event. It’s great to check out what our colleagues have been working on while we’ve been heads down working on our new iLO 5.  We also love getting out and hearing directly from our customers. Customer feedback and the input from our HPE field engineers is invaluable as we look ahead to what is next.

This year’s Discover event went above and beyond expectations. The work we’ve labored on for two years took center stage. We could finally reveal The World’s Most Secure Industry Standard Server1 Having Meg, Antonio, Alain, Susan and others all talking about our work was too cool. The best part, however, is how the technology resonated with our customers. I extend my compliments to our product management and marketing teams for doing a great job in the crystal clear messaging of the technology. The World’s Most Secure Industry Standard Server is straightforward and very easy to understand.

Our booth was super busy. Our breakout session was well attended (more than 100 people). I feel great pride in the work we do and I feel great pride in the team that performs that work. 


The feedback from customers was OUTSTANDING.  Comments like:

This is the best thing I have seen!

You really thought of everything!

HPE truly understands the security threats!

Before Discover and during the week, I hit a couple of social media events you can check out.

Let me highlight a couple of the Protect, Detect and Recover technologies we HPE ilo.jpgunveiled as part of the rollout of The World’s Most Secure Industry Standard Server. 

Silicon Root of Trust: This is the foundation of our Gen10 security story.  HPE designs and builds our iLO management chip. This gives us far greater control and far greater opportunity to innovate. Immutably burned into the iLO chip is a security signature that positively identifies the iLO firmware. The chip, which cannot be changed, decides if it will run the iLO firmware. This is more than a hardware root of trust. This is a silicon root of trust.

Secure Start: Using the Silicon Root of Trust, the iLO chip and the iLO firmware validates the essential pieces of firmware on the system. The system WILL NOT BOOT if all of the essential pieces of firmware are not validated. Compromised or corrupted firmware will not be run.

Secure Recovery: In addition to the A/B redundant copies of firmware, our Gen10 systems also include a factory-installed Recovery Set of firmware. The awesomeness of iLO has the ability to detect compromised firmware and recover back to the known-good factory-installed Recovery Set. We can recover the iLO firmware, the system ROM, the System Programmable Logic Device, the Innovation Engine firmware and the System Platform Services firmware.

Runtime Firmware Verification: In addition to checking the integrity of the firmware at boot time, iLO also has the ability to scan the firmware on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. You can decide if you want iLO to only log/report on failed firmware scans or if you want iLO to automatically repair the firmware from the known-good Recovery Set.

Recovery Set/Recover Set administrator: The Recovery Set is the collection of firmware iLO will use if a compromise is detected.  There is a Recovery Set that is installed in the factory.  A Recovery Set administrator can update the factory Recovery Set to a newer set of firmware. We view updating the Recovery Set to be a special action that requires a privilege above and beyond the privilege required for just doing firmware. 

And more: We have additional security features that are too numerous to cover in detail. We have new security modes, new Common Access Card/smart card support and full control of all user interfaces.

The normal mantra is What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas. Not this time! We want to spread the word far and wide, loud and proud that The Most Secure Industry Standard Server (featuring iLO 5) is here. I can’t wait for you to meet our new technology!

Learn more about our security story.

Learn more about iLO 5.

1 Based on external firm conducting cyber security penetration testing of a range of server products from a range of manufacturers, May 2017.


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Doug Hascall is honored to serve as the Senior Manager of the iLO Firmware Development and Test teams. Doug was the manager when iLO was first developed and introduced back in March 2002. He is now busy leading the team’s efforts on the next generation of awesomeness. In addition to iLO, Doug has worked on SmartStart, NetWare OS support, the first 1U ProLiant, Insight Power Manager, and Dynamic Power Capping. Doug has been with Compaq/HP/HPE since 1994. Outside of work, Doug is a Harley-riding, horse-riding, SCUBA-diving, third-degree black belt husband and father.

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