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Discover how to reap the benefits of AI at HPE Discover 2018 Madrid


Whether you achieve AI benefits largely depends on the IT partner you pick. At HPE Discover 2018, you’ll find out why we’re your one-stop partner for the technology, advice and financing you'll need for AI success.

AIDiscover_blog.jpgYour organization's ability to reap the benefits of AI will largely depend on the technology you use, the data you analyze, the IT partner you choose, and the financing you tap to fund your projects.

If you have plans to implement AI in 2019, attending the HPE Discover 2018 Madrid conference will give you a clearer picture of how to realize the benefits of AI while enhancing your understanding of the technology and the IT expertise you'll need to achieve your AI goals. Sharing ideas with HPE executives can also help you define your AI priorities and justify your investments.

This conference provides you with an opportunity to network with experts and executives who have a firm understanding of exactly how AI can help your business thrive in a competitive environment. Additionally, you can attend several AI sessions that are geared toward educating you about our products, our services, and our customers' AI success stories.

Proven ROI gains and high adoption

AI investments are already paying off for companies that have embraced the technology. In 2018, Deloitte surveyed 1,100 U.S. executives from companies considered early adopters of AI to gauge the benefits of AI implementation projects. Eighty-two percent of respondents said they gained a positive return on their AI investment, with a median return of 17 percent.

The survey also showed that among early adopters, the most complex AI technologies have the highest adoption levels, with machine learning at 63 percent, natural language processing at 62 percent, computer vision at 57 percent, and deep learning neural networks at 50 percent.

As the pressure to meet business demands grows, the survey found that 63 percent of respondents are using AI to catch up to, keep up with, or move ahead of their competitors, and 37 percent say they are using AI to widen their lead against their competitors.

HPE: your one-stop partner for AI

As you seek to keep your organization competitive, you'll want to find an IT partner that can navigate the complexity of AI and design an end-to-end solution that unlocks the value of your business.

When it comes to planning and implementing an AI solution, teaming up with HPE can strengthen your organization's ability to achieve your AI goals while easing the overwhelming feeling you may have that an AI project is a daunting endeavor.

What you want in a partnership is the ability to tap IT skills that can help you, for example, identify data collection and pre-processing requirements for training readiness or create a self-sufficient data pipeline so your data scientists can spend more time applying analytics and optimizing their models. You'll also need a partner to help you access an established AI ecosystem of ISV and technology partners for strategic planning and performance optimization in your industry.

Your ability to define hardware and software design requirements for both proof of concept and scalable deployment, and access proven reference configurations with AI features built in, can be critical to your AI project's success. A partnership with our team at HPE can help you on your way.

Additionally, HPE can provide flexible alternative purchasing opportunities that help you avoid purchasing and infrastructure maintenance costs.

As you think about striking a partnership with HPE and consider the technology you'll need, the skills you'll require, and the resources (like the HPE Deep Learning for Dummies guide) that will guide your progress, I encourage you to attend a few specific events that will help you plan your 2019 AI strategy. I hope to see you at HPE Discover in Madrid. Even if you are unable to travel to Madrid, you can still experience the event and learn from our experts. Simply logon to Discover More for livestream and on-demand content.

Sessions to attend on the benefits of AI

Consider adding these sessions to your Discover agenda:

The future of AI: culture, competitive edge, and Memory-Driven Computing

As you look ahead and create a vision for how AI can generate value for your business, this session will help you develop a strategy for building the culture, skills, and technological capabilities necessary to maximize the impact of an AI deployment. It will also help you evaluate how your organization can meet the massive computational and energy demands of an AI-driven future.

Learn how HPE's advanced analytic solutions help harness your data for competitive advantage

As data continues to grow exponentially, organizations need tools that will help them proactively manage it all. Learn how businesses are using HPC and advanced analytics to generate real-time insights, predictive decision support, and AI that travels from the edge to the cloud. HPE experts will explain the latest technologies and services that can help you harness data in a way that will enable you to unleash the benefits of AI.

Learn the ABCs of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning

Need a primer on AI before you undertake your implementation project? Join us as we share our knowledge about the intricacies of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and deep learning (DL). This overview will help you learn all you need to know to create a plan for using these tools in your business.

Making AI real: Customer examples of how AI is accelerating business innovation and value

Many HPE customers have already achieved their AI goals. Whether it's by providing a comprehensive suite of technologies, consulting with you on AI engagements, or teaming up with your business to build strong engineering partnerships, we can help you build an AI architecture that delivers business innovation and value. Join industry experts as they demonstrate HPE's strategy with customer success stories.

More sessions to expand your knowledge

Check out breakout sessions that should pique your interest if you are involved in an AI implementation project. Some examples include:

  • Architecting a full data pipeline with AI models from edge to core
  • Unifying and operationalizing the complex AI ecosystem through automation: An example from Seagate
  • When AI meets IoT: Digital prescriptive maintenance

Also take a look at the following theater sessions for an even deeper look into AI:

  • AI essentials: Critical considerations in constructing AI models in a connected car use case
  • Why a tiered storage strategy is critical for your big data pipeline
  • The path to deeper insight with Intel artificial intelligence solutions

You will find all breakout and theater sessions available via the HPE Discover Agenda Builder.

We also invite you to participate in a product demonstration of our premier AI products, the HPE Apollo 6500 Gen10 and the HPE Apollo 2000 Gen10, which provide high-performance computing capabilities.

Learn more at HPE Discover Madrid 2018

If you want to leverage AI in your business, I encourage you to attend HPE Discover Madrid 2018. Learn the benefits of partnering with HPE as you seek to successfully implement the right technology and adopt the best approach for capturing the benefits of AI.


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