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Discover what’s new with Core Boosting technology


Core boosting was a hot topic at HPE Discover Madrid. Catch the recap here. And get the scoop on our announcement of a new core boosting processor and extended server platform support.

Core Boosting Technology Showcase at HPE Discover in Madrid

Blog_Discover_CoreBoost.jpgLast week, in Madrid, Spain, I had the privilege to attend our annual HPE Discover conference to showcase the innovative ways to accelerate server performance with Intelligent System Tuning (IST). In conjunction with Intel, we kicked off the three-day event with a dedicated breakout session to highlight the collaboration between our companies that has allowed HPE to deliver exclusive, performance-enhancing technologies like Jitter Smoothing and Core Boosting to our customers and partners.

The feedback in this session was fantastic and the questions from the audience drove great conversation around how these two technologies can enable real performance improvements in server environments.

Core Boosting_Discover.jpg

Before and after the break-out session, attendees also were able to interact with all three IST features on actual Gen10 servers at our demo station inside the HPE Discover Transformation Zone. Visitors to the booth were able to see how Workload Matching can save them time tuning Gen10 server BIOS settings when selecting the workload profile that that best matched their workload. We also had a live demonstration of Jitter Smoothing where we toggled the feature on and off dynamically and watched the impact to latency in real-time. Finally, we had a server with the Intel Xeon® Scalable 6143 16-core Gold processor installed, and we were able to demonstrate the boost in frequency that can be achieved for all 16 cores with Core Boosting.Discover_Core_2.jpg

As an added bonus, attendees of this session and visitors to the demo booth were also the first to hear the exciting news that we are not only expanding server platform support for our Core Boosting technology, but we also added a new 24-core processor to the line up!

Need a quick refresh on Core Boosting? If you didn’t have a chance to visit us in Madrid—and you want to learn more about Core Boosting, check out this new three-minute video that explains how Core Boosting works and how it delivers significant performance gains, while driving down core-based licensing costs.

Core Boosting gets a boost!

Back in September, HPE announced the availability of Core Boosting technology with the Intel Xeon Scalable 6143 16-core Gold processor on the ProLiant DL380 Gen10 and the ProLiant XL230k servers.

Now we are announcing a new 24-core processor addition to the portfolio as well as additional server platform support for this revolutionary new technology. The Intel Xeon Scalable 8165 Platinum processor now adds the additional scalability of a 24-core processor. The new 8165 as well as the 6143 are now supported on the following servers:

This was especially exciting news for me to deliver at Discover. In my conversations with attendees, I had the opportunity to hear firsthand accounts of how core-based licensing costs are rising and pushing the need for technology like Core Boosting to maximize performance without having to increase core count. Customers have been asking for agile solutions that help them keep pace with ever increasing business demands. Now with increased server platform support and added processors, we can help customers get more performance out of their servers than ever before.

Learn more about Intelligent System Tuning.

Did you miss us this time at Discover and want to learn more? Get the latest content and additional resources on Intelligent System Tuning.HPE Discover Madrid.jpg

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Scott Faasse is a Distinguished Technologist and HPE’s expert on Platform and Processor Power Management and Performance. Since joining Compaq/HP/HPE in 2001, Scott has served as the lead platform firmware developer for six generations of the ProLiant DL380 Server, architected and developed HPE’s Power Regulator feature, lead HPE in several industry standards and partner collaboration efforts, and is one of the principal technologist behind HPE’s Intelligent System Tuning. Scott is also an avid outdoorsman. He enjoys hiking long distances with a really heavy backpack (rucking), camping with family, fly fishing in urban settings, and traditional archery.