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Diskless (yes diskless!) database with HPE scalable persistent memory


Say hello to an enterprise-class SQL Server “diskless database.” It’s the world’s first enterprise-class persistent memory database server from Microsoft, SUSE and HPE.

Yes, you read that right: Diskless database!disklessdb.jpg

Microsoft, SUSE and HPE have formed a winning combination to deliver the world’s first enterprise-class persistent memory database server.

As Bob Ward from Microsoft demonstrated at Pass Summit 2017, SQL Server 2017 on SUSE Enterprise Linux Server on an HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen 10 Server with scalable persistent memory ran queries more than 5x faster than a fast SSD drive array at 50% of the cost – making it the world’s first enterprise-grade diskless database server.

Here are the highlights:

-HPE Scalable Persistent Memory, SUSE SLES 12sp3, Microsoft SQL Server 2017 for Linux
- Enterprise-class “Diskless Database” (log, data, tempdb, etc. all reside in HPE Scalable Persistent Memory)
• Only two disks required: one for the operating system and one for the traditional database backup
- Up to 50% drop in hardware cost
- Up to 45% performance improvement with Data Analytics workloads
- Up to 85% reduction in rack space due to the removal of storage
• Results in significant power and cooling savings
• Or add additional servers to that space for increased data center compute capacity

Now, let us see innovation highlights for HPE Scalable Persistent Memory:

- Not dependent upon NVDIMM hardware technology
• Persistency at DRAM Performance: latency, bandwidth
• DRAM performance with this PMEM solution allows software to avoid implementing a “storage tiering in memory”
• Larger Persistent Memory capacity than NVDIMM-N
• Enabled by HPE ProLiant Persistent Memory Data Integrity
• Compliant with JEDEC NVDIMM-N standards
• Compliant with legacy and emerging programming models with platform driven enhancements of Persistent Memory - Encryption, mirroring, RAID and hardware High availability
- Integrated in HPE management: iLO, BIOS, Redfish, Persistent Memory Manager and OneView
• Enhanced Physical Memory allocator for Persistent Memory regions
• Scalable: User specifies the number of Persistent Memory ranges and sizes NUMA and cross-socket Persistent Memory allocations



HPE Discover Madrid.jpegMeet us at HPE Discover in Madrid, Spain on November 28-30, where you can discuss this unique solution and demo in action!

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And watch these videos:
HPE Scalable Persistent Memory 3D Demo
HPE Scalable Persistent Memory Whiteboard

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Kannan Mani is the WW Principal Product Manager/Architect, Data Management Solutions at HPE. He is the domain expert in Oracle and Microsoft technologies on various platforms (Compute, Network and Storage) includes private, public and hybrid cloud environments. He has published technical documents on Oracle technologies and is the author of the VMware Press book: Virtualizing Oracle Databases on vSphere.

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