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Drive away with the keys to service provider success at HPE Discover London


We all know that businesses are using hybrid cloud strategies – and service providers like you – to compete. And the demand is growing. But do you know how you stand out? At HPE Discover London, you can attend sessions created especially for service providers that will help you see where you stand.   

Why you should attend these sessions


Service providers are facing huge challenges in their traditional business models. Many tier 2 and 3 service providers are struggling to find the ROI on investments they’ve made to find the perfect cloud solution. Others are under pressure to transform their business models but have failed to make progress.

These challenges are driven largely by an inability to evolve current business practices, including:

  • Delivery of consistent customer SLAs
  • Improving time-to-market through rapid service provisioning
  • Offering flexible infrastructure for rapid deployment
  • Delivery of operational inefficiency and scale for manageability
  • Achieving growth while reducing TCO

Attend the following sessions at HPE Discover London to see that HPE understands the desired business outcomes of service providers and how customers are partnering with HPE to effectively compete in this ever-changing business environment.

Recommended sessions

Tuesday Nov 29th 12:30p.m. – 1:15p.m.

Hyperscale infrastructure directions, leading customer examples”

Session PNL11775

Join Reaz Rasul, VP & GM of the HPE Hyperscale Business Unit, and Curt Belusar, Service Provider Product Manager, to learn how real-world customers are using open and standard technologies to optimize cost, deliver value, and support key workloads in the service provider market.  Hear how HPE’s global supply chain, flexible services and financing programs help customers optimize their infrastructure.

Wednesday, Nov 30th 9:30 am -10:15am

“Understand the benefits and tradeoffs between open/white box, and standard/optimized enterprise infrastructures”

Session BB11776

Start your day pondering whether you prefer the operational agility and faster data center integration that come with deploying open infrastructures, or the integrated management and proven deployment capabilities that come with standard/optimized offerings.


HPE directors John Gromala and Kara Long will explain how only HPE offers a choice of standard/optimized or open infrastructure solutions to accelerate business growth and provide you with the flexibility required to scale rapidly and cost-effectively.

Learn more about HPE’s comprehensive service provider-ready solutions for building your business. 

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