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Driving Competitive Advantage with Accelerated HFT Solutions


HFT firms rely on accelerated technologies to gain competitive advantage. The new  Gen10 HPE Trade & Match Server is designed for optimal speed, efficiency, and performance, enabling traders to execute trades at record speeds.

In the fast-paced world of high-frequency trading (HFT), financial institutions are investing heavily in cutting-edge IT solutions to enhance the speed, security, and accuracy of operations. Accelerated technologies are essential to success in the financial services industry, and traditional operating systems are no longer capable of providing the seamless connectivity, data access, network security, and compute performance required by today’s traders.

HFT firms must adopt the latest IT innovations in order to boost revenue, increase profit margins, and achieve the optimal levels of scalability, agility, and performance. High performHFTBlog.jpgance computing (HPC) technologies are driving major advancements in the financial sector, from optimizing HPC applications and enhancing data analytics, to creating an industry-leading HFT platform.


HPC innovation is a fundamental step to ensuring business growth and longevity—and for high-frequency traders, speed and survival are tantamount. Financial IT environments complete a vast number of orders and order cancellations before final transactions are fired back to exchanges. The success of a trade hinges on the firm’s capacity to rapidly and securely analyze incoming data and process latency-sensitive workloads at breakneck speeds.

By implementing accelerated technologies expressly designed for financial institutions, traders can ramp up order execution by fractions of a millisecond. While this may seem like a minor advantage, in the world of HFT, shaving microseconds off of trading times means generating millions in revenue. In fact, one trader from Virtu Financial reported that if he could make 10,000 trades every second and arbitrage $0.0001 per trade, that would yield $60 every minute and $3,600 in just one hour. Last year, the firm earned $732 million utilizing this strategy.


Financial IT departments must find ways to optimize their infrastructure to process high-volume trades, without increasing IT spending. Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is empowering traders with top-of-the-line HPC solutions designed to enhance performance to mitigate latency, accelerate HFT workloads, and drive competitive advantage.

The new Gen10 HPE Trade and Match Server is the most performant solution optimized for HFT. This dense 2P system supports applications running at maximum frequency with a low core count, and helps traders rapidly execute data-heavy workloads. New Trade and Match Servers deliver 2.5X greater performance over the Gen9 Trade and Match Solution, allowing users to co-locate easily in exchange data centers, speeding up trade orders and ensuring continuous availability.

In addition to Trade and Match Servers, HPC servers like the HPE Apollo Systems can help firms execute their most demanding HFT workloads at lightning speeds. The HPE Apollo family delivers superior levels of performance and energy-efficiency to bolster HFT operations in several key ways:

  • Performance – HPE servers are built for extreme performance in high-density environments. These platforms help firms achieve faster processing speeds, reduce the magnitude of jitter events, effectively allocate compute resources, and utilize turbo mode to maximize performance (instead of overclocking).
  • Scale – HPE servers optimize scale, performance, and cost-efficiency to support a variety HPC workloads, delivering the ideal capacity for firms to scale up and out.
  • Security – HPE Gen10 systems, the world’s most secure industry standard servers, adapt performance to applications, helping users accelerate business insights and facilitate digital transformation in a highly secure environment.
  • Economics – With high-speed, high-density solutions, HPE customers can capitalize on significant capital and operating expense savings without compromising on performance.

With these cutting-edge technologies, HPE customers have an unprecedented opportunity to transform their IT environments. For more information on how HPC solutions are accelerating HFT and ensuring a highly valuable competitive advantage, I invite you to follow me on Twitter at @VineethRam. You can also visit @HPE_HPC to stay up to date on the latest trends and innovations in financial IT.

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Vineeth Ram
Vice President of HPC & AI Portfolio Marketing
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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As the Vice President of HPC and AI Portfolio Marketing in the DCIG Portfolio Marketing team of HPE, I lead worldwide marketing and go-to-market planning and execution for the HPC and AI segments including the recent SGI acquisition and the HPE Apollo portfolio.