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Driving Innovation with Future Compute


In today’s world of digital disruption, businesses must anticipate future needs and innovate to meet them. Forrester recently published a detailed analysis of the top emerging disruptors with potential to create competitive advantage, change markets, or alter the landscape altogether. Chief among these disruptors are the Internet of Things (IoT), intelligent agents, and Hybrid IT.forbes2017.png

Source: Forbes 2017

Hybrid IT can make all other IT innovations possible by providing a flexible and scalable environment where applications and data can reside in the datacenter, private and public clouds, or network edge. The biggest advantage of Hybrid IT is the flexibility to operate seamlessly across all environments. Successful implementation creates a different platform strategy that speeds time to value with systems that are simple to manage, secure and scalable, so that applications may live in multiple locations. The convergence of IoT, rapidly deployed apps, and data that is moving away from a centralized core and closer to users, are all creating new value and new experiences, but only if businesses continue to innovate.


Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) offers the key to infrastructure modernization: ClearOS software, a new compute experience that builds a bridge to the future Hybrid IT state and helps businesses navigate through a digital transformation. Small and midsize businesses (SMBs) need to embrace Hybrid IT innovation to increase productivity, reduce costs, and grow their businesses. ClearOS can help in the following ways:

  • Simplified management for increased performance. With ClearOS, businesses can replace individual Gateway, Server, and Network appliances and hardware components with one device.  ClearOS services run as integrated apps you install via the included ClearOS Marketplace, giving businesses the options, power, and flexibility to easily pick and choose which Gateway, Server, and Network features to deploy.
  • Peace of mind through integrated security. Security threats are one of the most important issues for IT professionals. The ClearOS Marketplace features more than 100 apps including multiple firewall options, content filtering, intrusion prevention/detection with daily signature updates, and more. In addition to receiving ongoing patches, fixes, and updates, businesses can control access to these applications with administrative role-based and group policies, minimizing security threats.
  • Affordability without sacrifice. To give SMBs better affordability, ClearOS can be tailored to the ever-changing needs of any SMB. Flexible payment models enable IT to align costs with business outcomes, even in the world of unpredictable customer demand. With pay as you grow options, SMBs save money by only paying for services and applications they need.


Future compute, fueled by Hybrid IT, is one of the most important things businesses can invest in. According to a 2016 Gartner survey, 42 percent of CEOs have begun digital business transformation. In fact, IT is one of the biggest-rising priorities for CEOs in 2017, with growth as the only thing more important.


 Source: Gartner 2017

Businesses are capitalizing on Hybrid IT and future compute, and SMBs need to follow suit as they look to future innovations in order to succeed.

To learn more about how HPE and ClearOS software can help drive future innovation in your business, please follow us on Twitter at @HPE_SMB.

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