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Ease Data Center administration with single click vMotion


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Guest blog written by Hari Sahaya Tiwari,  Engineer, HPUX and OVMS RnD

Most data center administrators find the process to migrate VMware VMs to be somewhat cumbersome and time consuming. The multi-phased process usually entails: detaching the Serviceguard node to be migrated; migrating that VM through the vCenter; and, reattaching the node and then confirming that the migration was a success. While this is bad enough for a single node the time constraints become exacerbated when action is required on hundreds of VMs.

HPE Serviceguard for Linux (SGLX) 12.00.50 supports the single click VMware vMotion feature. This feature, available through the GUI, Serviceguard Manager, simplifies the migration of VMware VMs configured as Serviceguard nodes across ESX hosts. This eases the data center administration.

With this latest release, Serviceguard Manager automates all the earlier steps and provides a single interface to migrate the VMs. With this user doesn’t have to log-in to VMware vCenter to migrate a VM. Serviceguard Manager provides a single window to achieve this with zero manual intervention.

Prerequisites for this:

  • Serviceguard cluster must be configured with VCENTER_SERVER parameter.
  • The credential database must be set for vCenter configured.

Serviceguard Manager provides the list of eligible ESX hosts, where a given VM can be migrated to. Once the user chooses an ESX host from the suggested list, the migration starts.

Currently Serviceguard supports the migration of VMs within a single vCenter server i.e., VMs cannot be migrated to hosts configured across different vCenter servers.

Download the 90-days free evaluation version of SGLX here.

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