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Easing the Load of Open Source Management


International business travel has taken me many places.  One such place I witnessed construction work being performed with only a shovel.  “Only a shovel?” I thought, “That will take forever.  Why don’t they use a backhoe?”


Often in IT we find ourselves doing work with a shovel when we could really use a backhoe.  That is why at HP we continually look for ways of simplifying and enhancing the hardware management experience. 


Many are painfully aware at how lacking open source server management can be and are forced to deal with it.  Recently HP updated the HP ProLiant Agentless Management Plug-in for Nagios version 1.4.0.  This plug-in provides automated, remote agentless management for configuring and monitoring the health of HP ProLiant servers.  In general, the plug-in provides the high-level, real-time server health status. 


What's new in the 1.4.0 release:

- Enable / Disable Active / Passive Discovery

- Supports Configurable Community string

- Discovery on a range of network IP / Subnet

- Creation of host group based on subnet of community string

- Host Group Service Support

- Single external iLO page link for each Host

- Template based Nagios iLO configuration file.


The update of this plug-in may not exactly be a leap from a shovel to a backhoe in the open source server management world; however, it does and will continue to provide a much richer management experience IT administrators have come to expect in the proprietary world.


And while a plug-in for Nagios is a start, HP will look to expand to other open source management tools such as Zabbix, Chef, Puppet, and Foreman in the future.  HP will also look to integrate with RESTful APIs.


Feel free to share your thoughts replying to this blog, reaching out on Twitter @HPLinux, or providing feedback to the email on the plug-in at the Nagios site.

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