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Enabling Secure Access to Financial Data from Any Device


In today’s digital economy, connectivity, productivity, and security are the crucial trifecta for geographically dispersed workforces. The advancement of mobile technologies has revolutionized the financial services industry, allowing traders to access valuable financial data anytime, anywhere, and on any device. The ability to deliver secure and reliable access to information has become key to success as the industry becomes progressively digitized.

Worker mobility continues to expand at an astonishing rate, allowing traders to transcend the time and geographical constraints of traditional work environment. A recent forecast from IDC states that the number of U.S. mobile employees will surge from 96.2 million in 2015 to 105.4 million by 2020, accounting for nearly three-quarters of the workforce. While the paradigm shift will offer significant benefits, including immediate access and data streaming, the rise of a remote workforce also presents a fresh set of challenges.

While increased mobility offers traders greater functionality and convenience, utilizing remote workstations also opens the door for heightened security risks. Data security is a major issue for financial organizations as the annualized cost of cybercrime continues to rise, costing the financial services industry $28 billion in 2015.

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Just as customers manage their finances on personal devices, traders are also tapping into sensitive company data via cell phones, tablets, laptops, and remote desktops. As a result, firms are beginning to invest heavily in transformative Mobile Workspace technologies that significantly reduce cybersecurity threats. Now, IT departments are able to offer trader workspaces that enhance productivity and mitigate risk with the following security features:

  • Host highly sensitive data in the data center whenever possible
  • Protect distributed mobile data in an encrypted secure container
  • Enforce protocol under specific contextual circumstances
  • Control data distribution and usage through policy
  • Automate both the desired worker experience and data protection needs
  • Simplify use by merging the management of accounts, passwords, and applications

Financial organizations must be equipped to securely and efficiently process, store, and retrieve immense volumes of data. Mobile trader workspaces can provide remote access to valuable information in real-time, allowing traders to make more informed, data-driven decisions while reducing security vulnerabilities and delivering data access that is reliable, cost-effective, and easily managed. By centralizing financial information in data centers, organizations can provide end-to-end protection while quickly transferring data between devices. With traders operating more safely and efficiently, firms can realize enhanced levels of productivity and business growth.

Financial services organizations rely heavily on the stability and performance of their cutting-edge computing systems. Investing in a turnkey infrastructure with reliable and secure connectivity affords organizations the advantage of seamless access to business-critical information, reduced IT complexity, and a more secure and efficient user experience.

With mobile technologies quickly becoming the new normal in trading, users are now able to retrieve corporate resources from any location and on any device – an integral component of competing and thriving in today’s financial landscape. As IT innovations bring the power of information to our fingertips, competitive organizations are dedicating a large component of their budgets to a new style of IT in order to increase performance, secure access, and trading speed. Firms that do so will remain relevant and successful as the industry continues to evolve.

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As the Vice President and General Manager of HPC and AI Segment Solutions in the Data Center Infrastructure Group, I lead worldwide business and portfolio strategy and execution for the fastest growing market segments in HPE’s Data Center Infrastructure Group which includes the recent SGI acquisition and the HPE Apollo portfolio.