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Enhancing Data Storage with Scalable Storage Solutions



Untitled design (5).jpgWhen it comes to innovating and competing in the digital age, will your small and midsize business (SMB) be ready? There is no way to predict every business requirement or evolving industry or customer demand, but there are essential technologies that SMBs must have in place to ensure business continuity. One of the greatest investments SMBs can make is in high performing data storage solutions.

Today’s businesses are looking to enhance the scalability, agility, and accessibility of their data stores, and hybrid storage technologies provide a comprehensive strategy to service the complex needs of a growing SMB. Nimble Storage offers effective solutions for data management, such as all flash arrays. These adaptive flash storage arrays provide a valuable combination of on-premises and off-premises technology to power data workloads, with the broadest portfolio in the industry. Up-and-coming businesses stand to gain key advantages by adopting Nimble Storage technologies:

  • Predictive analytics. Harnessing business insights requires gathering, storing, and analyzing data in real time. Both storage capacity and performance must be optimized to achieve these results. In order to effectively leverage their data, SMBs are utilizing high performance solutions from Nimble. InfoSight Predictive Analytics is an optimized solution that uses cloud-based predictive analytics and machine learning to anticipate and prevent problems before they occur, while ensuring data integrity. This equips businesses to rapidly analyze data and extract real-time insights, helping them to better understand their customers, increase operational efficiencies, and drive overall performance.
  • Secure recovery. The best practice to ensure seamless disaster recovery is to establish an offsite backup of critical data. If data is lost or compromised, the Multicloud Flash Fabric employs a combination of all-flash and hybrid flash across private and public clouds, allowing SMBs to transparently migrate their data from anywhere to anywhere, at any time. Additionally, multicloud storage services provide continuous access to data, which enables users to harness maximum scalability, efficiency, and performance to manage their data.
  • Customer dedication. Ranking at the top in Net Promoter Score (NPS) in the storage industry, Nimble Storage is committed to helping its 10,000+ customers enhance their data storage strategies to empower growth and development. For SMBs, determining the right technologies to fit their individual needs is a fundamental step in creating an efficient, effective, and profitable business. Nimble Support provides a comprehensive technical support service to connect customers with high-level engineers in order to discuss IT concerns, resolve issues, and select the best storage solutions for their business.

Cricut, a Utah-based manufacturer with two locations, was struggling with inadequate data storage—this resulted in slow response times for SAP requests and time-consuming storage management challenges. Cricut needed enhanced storage capabilities to streamline data access and increase IT scalability. After deploying Nimble flash arrays, SAP performance tripled and data restoration speed increased by 92%. Additionally, Cricut’s storage deployment time reduced from 4 days to 2 hours, while also eradicating the need for extensive employee training or a dedicated storage administration.

Nimble Storage technologies work to prevent issues that slow data execution, anticipate data management problems, and resolve remaining issues in a manner of minutes. Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is dominating the Hybrid IT market, creating a leading-edge storage portfolio that integrates Nimble’s predictive flash offerings with scalable and affordable solutions from HPE. Leveraging all-flash storage and cloud-ready predictive analytics, SMB organizations are safeguarding valuable data while maintaining 99.999% availability across the IT environment.

To learn more about scalable IT solutions for your SMB, I invite you to follow us on Twitter at @HPE_SMB.

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George Hope is Vice President, Worldwide Small and Medium Business. He brings to HPE over 20 years of technology experience, joining HPE as part of the SimpliVity acquisition, where he was VP, Global Channels. He was named one of the 50 most influential channel chiefs by CRN in 2015 and 2016. Prior to SimpliVity, George spent 17 years at EMC. He was Sr. Director of Global Channels for EMC’s Isilon Division, where he tripled the partner business in 3 years. George also led the US Field Channel team for all product lines from EMC, and has held other Sales, Sales Strategy and Channel Management positions. George holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.