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Fast Forward your Mission-Critical Computing with an HP Integrity Upgrade


Have you ever noticed that the more powerful technology is—the more efficient and cost-effective it becomes (sort of like a self-fulfilling prophecy)?   We’ve observed this phenomenon for decades with personal computing—from desktop to laptop to tablets—as well as home electronics. In recent years, we’ve seen huge efficiency gains in enterprise IT as well. And the trend is only going to continue. That’s why upgrading to the latest HP Integrity servers makes so much sense.  Just ask Steelcase, the global office furniture manufacturer.


Steelcase has been around for 100 years, so the company has experienced several waves of technological change. As an HP customer since the early 1990s, Steelcase has evolved with HP mission-critical servers, consistently upgrading to take advantage of new efficiencies and more advanced capabilities. This has not only helped the company grow, but also to save money.


Most recently, Steelcase upgraded from an earlier generation of HP Integrity Superdome to the Integrity Superdome 2. Why?


Over the past few years, Steelcase consolidated multiple systems and applications from its subsidiaries in Europe, Asia, and North America onto its central SAP infrastructure. This consolidation put greater demands on the IT infrastructure. To meet its performance and availability needs while handling increased workloads, Steelcase upgraded to HP Integrity Superdome 2 servers, purchased with a flexible leasing option from HP Financial Services.


The business improvements speak for themselves:


  • Increased performance by 25% performance at 40% less cost
  • Ensured 99.99% scheduled uptime
  • Achieved 1 second average response time for 85% of SAP transactions
  • Increased utilization of computing resources by 45%


Steelcase was able to shed some serious IT costs, while increasing performance and utilization---a direct result of the upgrade to new Integrity server blades. It was certainly the right choice for Steelcase, and it can be for your organization, too.


Learn more about Integrity systems, a key part of the HP Mission-Critical Converged Infrastructure.




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