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Fine Dining and the Data Center Infrastructure Advisor, Soup to Nuts


Evaluating, selecting and configuring solutions and systems can be an adventure through many guides, tools and other resources. Introducing the Data Center Infrastructure Advisor. We’ve got you covered, soup to nuts.  

Blog_Data_Center_Advisor_Soup.jpgSoup to nuts. This oft-quoted idiom is typically used to convey something in its entirety, such as "from beginning to end" and is derived from the description of a full-course dinner, where courses progress from soup at the beginning to nuts for dessert at the end.

In formal dining, a full-course dinner can consist of literally a dozen or more courses, spanning many hours over a long evening. In many ways, these lengthy feasts reflect the long, multi-course adventure technical professionals make when they bring solutions from concept to reality.

Without a doubt, the journey to evaluate, select and configure solutions and systems is a long and winding adventure through many guides, tools and other resources. We’ve touched on a few of these in past blogs such as the HPE Power Advisor, Infrastructure Architect and others, but a full course dinner consists of many flavorful items, all intended to complement each other to create a total experience.

In preparation for selecting actual data center infrastructure IT equipment, technical professionals may look at reference information such as solution sizers, best-practices guides and reference architectures, and align that guidance with workloads, industry needs, platforms and more, to create their overall solution vision.

Intelligent product guides, selectors and configurators may then be used to ensure all of the recommended platforms and related infrastructure are properly configured and appropriately powered.

Finally, total-cost-of-ownership (TCO) and return-on-investment (ROI) calculations may be performed to evaluate the overall solution as designed, and adjustments may be made to select areas to optimize for performance and cost.

A portal into the solution kitchen

In other words, these technical professionals look at the solution from soup to nuts. To help make the experience more efficient, we created the Data Center Infrastructure Advisor, essentially a portal into the solution kitchen where technical professionals can dine on a wide variety of intelligent tools and resources designed to help them select, configure and evaluate their data center compute environment.

Upon arriving at the Data Center Infrastructure Advisor, users will see many key ingredients, such as:

  • HPE Power Advisor used to estimate power consumption through the configuration of platforms and options at a system, rack, and multi-rack level, allowing you to compare today’s and future power consumption for total cost of ownership planning
  • HPE Server Options Compatibility Tool that assists with making qualified choices for your compute environment, regardless of whether you already know what server you want, or if you know what technology you need
  • HPE Rack and Power Infrastructure Architect designed to you help navigate through the various Rack & Power Infrastructure products including racks, power distribution units, UPS systems and KVM units to help design the appropriate infrastructure for your compute environment
  • HPE Synergy Planning Tool that provides guidance for proper system configuration, slotting, power and weight information for a Synergy Solution
  • HPE Solid-State Drive Selector Tool that dramatically reduces the time and complexity of selecting just the right SSD for today’s data intensive workloads by answering only six questions
  • HPE Memory Configurator that’s a web interactive process providing recommended memory configurations and RAM module installation locations based on memory population guidelines.
  • One Config Simple guided self-service tool to help sales and non-technical people generate initial configurations in just a few minutes for pricing evaluation or more detailed configuration help

Complementing these key configuration tools are a variety of HPE Solution Sizers, HPE TCO and ROI Calculators, Architect Guides, Technical and Best Practices whitepapers and more.

The price to dine at this array of gastronomically delicious resources? 

Free. And no tipping needed either.

Visit at HPE Data Center Infrastructure Advisor.

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