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Goodbye Data Center Bottlenecks: HPE 25GbE Network Adapters for NFV Solutions



HPE 25GbE network adapters enable telco and service provider operators to deploy NFV solutions that require high-performance data packet 25gbe-network-adapters-nfv_blog.jpgprocessing, carrier grade reliability and lower total cost of ownership.

We live in a world where almost everything we do online can now be done on a smart phone. This is placing incredible demands on telco and service providers to keep up.

And it's a good reason why we are seeing our customers in the telco and service provider markets deploying 25/100G at the speed of compute.

Last year HPE embarked on a journey to help you enable the latest 25Gb Ethernet standard for HPE ProLiant servers. HPE legitimized the emerging 25/50/100GbE IEEE standard by launching three new high performance network adapters to take your networking into the express lane. HPE ProLiant servers enabled with 25/100GbE networking options are ready to handle the new services like video and data hungry apps that need maximum bandwidth. So telco and service providers are using HPE 25/100GbE networking to prevent data center bottlenecks. And HPE is readily helping them address business challenges in key areas such as performance, reliability and security for data center optimization.

Leading data centers into the next generation of Ethernet networking

As we continue this momentum, the HPE server networking lineup includes 10G/25GbE choices with these features and benefits: HPE Adapters.jpg

Helping telcos and service providers prevent bottlenecks

Network Function Virtualization (NFV) was invented to handle all the new mobile services that are being deployed. HPE is actively meeting those demands with HPE ProLiant servers and networking options to prevent data center bottlenecks.

Let’s take a deeper look…

Data center network performance optimization

How do you Increase performance, VM scalability and reduce CPU utilization?

With HPE Single-Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV) capability. SR-IOV gives IT professionals the ability to run a large number of virtual machines per server, which reduces the need for hardware and the resultant costs of space and power required by hardware devices. It also provides VM QoS (Quality of Service), which is huge for the telco industry.

Data Plane Developer Kit (DPDK) is another key feature that speeds packet processing to service more I/O requests. That is absolutely essential in a telco world. The DPDK on HPE’s network adapters moves I/O processing from kernel space to user space again allowing IT professionals to deploy NFV solutions on industry standard hardware supported by HPE.

Reliability and security

With the exponential increase in business-critical and confidential data that traverses the internet – and is stored on- and off-premises, security is definitely foremost on everyone’s mind. In many cases, stringent corporate, industry, and government regulations dictate the security provisions required of a data center.

Securing your company’s networking and compute infrastructure is critical, given the ever-increasing threats to data and resources. Cyberattacks range from stealing your organization’s intellectual property, to creating and distributing viruses on other computers, using web-based attacks, malware, denial of service attacks, malicious code and even stolen devices.

All network adapters, cables, transceivers and top-or-rack switches are tested for 100% interoperability for easy deployment and maximum data center uptime.

We are working with the best technologies and testing those to ensure your servers stay safe and your customers’ data is secure.

Because the network is the computer...

Enterprise, service providers and telco data centers are founded on “the network.” In fact, it was said may years ago when the internet first came into the public domain: “the network is the computer.” How true that still rings today. Now HPE can help both accelerate and eliminate networking bottlenecks.



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