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Growing Video Surveillance Data Requiring Advanced Storage Options



Companies that generate video surveillance files are faced with a growing tidal wave of data, and they must revisit their storage approaches in order to survive the deluge.

The video surveillance market is rapidly changing due to the adoption of high-definition cameras, increasing device connectivity, and the shift from analog to IP technologies. These trends are causing complex stores of video data to expand at an exponential pace, and organizations must seek new ways to intelligently store and manage video surveillance footage. GrowingVideoSurveillancedata_blog.jpg

In the digital age, the costs and complexity of video surveillance storage architectures are growing at the same rate as the data itself. Organizations are struggling to adapt to the evolving storage requirements associated with exploding data volumes, advancing camera technologies, and an expanding number of cutting-edge use cases. Addressing the challenges of scaling to accommodate future growth, meeting longer retention periods, and increasing storage performance has become key as volumes of digital video content surge and extend beyond petabyte-scale.

Recent estimates from IHS show that new security cameras will be generating more than 2,500 petabytes of data on a daily basis by the end of 2019. Storage will be a critical enabler of the ability to properly manage this vast quantity of video surveillance footage; however, current architectures are quickly being pushed to their limits and new approaches are required.

What is the right storage architecture for meeting video surveillance data demands?

A few high performance computing (HPC) technologies can help your organization construct best practice storage architectures to overcome the challenges of explosive data growth and future-proof your storage investments:

  • Software-Defined Storage – Best-in-class object storage software can help organizations seamlessly scale beyond petabytes, increase data durability and accessibility, and improve the ROI of new storage investments as well as existing legacy systems.
  • HPC Server Platforms – High performance, scale-out systems like the HPE Apollo are designed to offer unparalleled reliability and scalability for object storage deployments, while a density-optimized form factor helps reduce costs by addressing the challenges of data center space and energy consumption.
  • Active Archives – The majority of video surveillance footage is well-suited to an active archive environment, as it is seldom edited but may need to be retained over the long-term. Active archives can protect these data volumes while continuing to offer immediate access to users, consolidate silos, and reduce the risk of data loss.

HPE delivers an extensive range of HPC solutions that are designed to meet the stringent demands of video surveillance storage. The HPE Apollo family is built for the highest levels of performance and efficiency, and designed to easily enable object storage and active archive deployments. Long-term partnerships with global object storage leaders like Scality ensure that regardless of workload or application, we’ll be able to help you address your data storage needs both now and in the future.  

Companies that generate video surveillance files are faced with a growing tidal wave of data, and you must revisit your storage approaches in order to survive the deluge. HPC and object storage technologies are helping organizations scale and store video files efficiently using a single, consolidated, highly available and durable platform.

Join me on Twitter @Bill_Mannel to continue discussing the optimal storage technologies for dealing with the growing volume of video surveillance data.

Bill Mannel
Vice President and GM HPE Servers


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As the Vice President and General Manager of HPC and AI Segment Solutions in the Data Center Infrastructure Group, I lead worldwide business and portfolio strategy and execution for the fastest growing market segments in HPE’s Data Center Infrastructure Group which includes the recent SGI acquisition and the HPE Apollo portfolio.

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