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When I was younger, in fact in my teens, I recall asking my father a question about understanding people. A friend of mine had been surprised by some actions of his girlfriend. I was asking my father if there was a way to evaluate people (girls was my specific question but his response works for people in general). He told me to try and observe the person without them knowing it and to see how they treat people they don’t have to be nice to. This could be bus boys, waiters, valets, store clerks. There are many people we come across every day to which we do not need to be nice. My father said it was not infallible but it could tell you a lot about a person’s morals and personality. I have found that to have been excellent advice.


Recently a friend from Church, Anita, contacted me about one of her friends who had bought an HP laptop at a major retail chain and was having problems. She remembered that I worked for HP.  She did remember that I was involved with enterprise class servers and likely was not associated with laptops but she thought she’d ask anyway. After getting a little more info I found out my friends, friend was named Kathy. She had bought the laptop a few weeks back. When she started having issues she tried to return it to the retailer but they had a 15 day return policy and she was on day 17. They told her to contact HP, which she did and the machine was shipped to HP and she hadn’t heard anything and was getting frustrated. As it turns out HP has a website and a phone number for employees who happen to find themselves in just this type of situation. I had only used it once before and years ago but with excellent results. I was very happy to find the website and number were very much intact. After providing the number to my friend to give to Kathy I asked that she keep me informed. The next day I received the following email from my friend


“Justin, my friend, Kathy, is ecstatic after following your advice (she'd been VERY frustrated). She called your number; they advised her they could find nothing wrong with the laptop she had sent in, but would send her a brand new, upgraded model!

THAT is Customer Service.

I can't thank you enough for digging in and finding the right info, the right number.

Warm regards



When I received this I was of course happy to have been of help to my friend but also it got me thinking. In general one would say all customers are important. That we should treat every customer as if it’s our only customer but we would be naïve to think all customers are equal. Kathy is a person who might buy a laptop once every 3-5 years. She probably buys whatever is on sale at the retailers. She probably isn’t a blogger, tweeter or social networking expert. It occurred to me that one could tell a lot about a company in the way it treats a customer it doesn’t necessarily have to be nice to.



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